Intersport Bründl: the number 25

Ski rental with Easygate: an end to pushing, shoving and arguments

Intersport Bründl has opened its site number 25 right inside the valley station of the recently renovated Spieljochbahn in Fügen. WINTERSTEIGER helped fit out the ski rental outlet and workshop and is delighted to enjoy the confidence of such a prestigious reference client. The company is also proud of the joint projects carried out with Intersport Bründl over the decades.


For its ski rental business, Intersport Bründl chose Easystore Flex racks with wide front panels in light blue. The cool color and unpretentious style produce a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The size of the ski rental area was deliberately planned to be as generous as possible to cater for the expected crowds of customers – it‘s worth noting that the racks can accommodate around 1000 pairs of skis and snowboards, poles and boots.




"So easy" with the Easygate guidance system. 

Customers entering the ski rental area are first channeled towards the 4 Easyrent check-in stations, where they enter their details. Easygate, the latest module in the Easyrent rental software package, then guides them through the various  rental stations with the help of large monitors: From the ski and boot issuing counters to the binding adjustment area, where 6 fitting stations are waiting. Andreas Erler is a fan of the Safetronic binding adjustment and checking machine: “The Safetronic is the best in terms of speed and results currently available on the market.”


Store manager Andreas Erler is enthusiastic with his new store

And as to the nature of the whole process using the Easygate rental system: “There’s no longer any pushing and shoving and arguments. Instead of clutching a slip in their hand, everyone knows where they are in the line. Every customer has their own number and can follow their name on the screen. People are much more relaxed. There’s far less stress, not just among the visitors, but among my staff as well. We had our doubts at first, but it really is so easy to use and works without a hitch.” Customer name and number are displayed on the Easygate monitors above the respective stations, in front of which seating is provided where customers can relax while they wait to be called. The orderly and clear rental process enables customers to start their day in the mountains in a relaxed frame of mind.

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