Quantum: What our customers say.

Strube Research in Söllingen, Germany, harvests high yields of wheat; a combine threshes approx. 9000 plots within a 100 kilometer radius in 20 days. At the DLG conference in Hanover on January 26, 2016, Alexander Kirchherr, Technical Director of the Wheat Department at Strube, reported on his initial experiences with the Quantum:


  • "Although the machine that we had was a prototype, we were able to thresh without any interruptions. There was no downtime worth mentioning.


  • The cutting table is beyond reproach! Due to the stepped edge, the cereals fall onto the feeder conveyor belt head first. Nothing blocks the divided auger. The clear arrangement is excellent!


  • The threshing quality is outstanding! We can thresh wheat almost without any broken grains and absolutely complete.


  • The controls are intuitive and easy to use! This thresher can be driven by temporary employees, as it is designed in such a way that it only takes the push of a button on the joystick and the thresher stops, lowers the pick-up reel, starts the cleaning cycle, continues with the weighing process, and then when the button is pushed once more, the machine sets off again at the same speed as before.


  • For us at the Strube company, this thresher is definitely an option!" 


Source: Field report for Wintersteiger Quantum plot combine, DLG conference, Hanover, conference proceedings, pp. 79–81 (PDF download in German)


Australian Grain Technologies (AGT), used 2 Quantum plot combines during the 2015 harvest. Phil Keatley, Director of Infrastructure at AGT, confirms the performance of the plot combine:


“Due to a long relationship between WINTERSTEIGER and Australian Grain Technologies (AGT), we were given the opportunity to purchase two of the Quantum combines built in 2015. This gave both WINTERSTEIGER and AGT the chance for trials with the new combine in a totally new and different environment.


We were impressed with the performance of the combine during the 2015 harvest. Following the 2015 harvest, we placed an order for a number of new Quantum combines to enhance and update some older models of our current fleet. The excellent support from WINTERSTEIGER during our 2015 harvest made the decision easier for us to proceed with placing a large order for Quantum combines.”