Quantum technology topic: OptiFloww technology

OptiFloww technology is the result of consistent ongoing development of headers for plot combines.

OptiFloww demonstrably enables the machine to achieve its maximum feeding performance, even under the most difficult of conditions – it doesn't matter whether the combine is having to deal with lodged grain, heavy or bulky crops, or long straw.

The split intake auger improves material flow considerably, especially in the case of rapeseed, and thus removes the need for special rapeseed headers. The compacting drum ensures that the material is compacted and aligned as it needs to be in order to be handed over to the threshing unit.


OptiFlow w header performance features:


  • There is a rounded step directly behind the cutting knife for improved material flow and effective protection against grain loss.
  • The split intake auger offers the best possible material flow and maximum feeding performance.
  • The driver has the best possible view of the cutting knife thanks to the split intake auger.
  • No intermixing thanks to effective pneumatic cleaning with compressed air
  • The large lift height (1050 mm) optimizes rapeseed and sunflower harvesting.


OptiFloww high-performance threshing unit.

The threshing unit using OptiFloww technology is also the result of consistent research and development. The OptiFloww threshing unit impresses with maximum throughput performance – even in difficult conditions such as a high amount of straw or moisture content in the harvested material. The optimized material flow offers improved threshing results and higher throughput at the same time.


Performance features of the OptiFloww high-performance threshing unit:

  • Powerful threshing drum with a diameter of 400 mm
  • Large concave separating area thanks to a large wrap angle (117°) and drum diameter
  • Efficient material flow thanks to an innovative design and the arrangement of the threshing and deflection drums
  • The threshing drum is easy to adjust hydraulically and can be adjusted separately at the front and rear, with operation and display in the cockpit.
  • The threshing drum can be replaced quickly from the side and without the header having to be removed.