New Quantum components

“Row Crop Header (RCH)” for harvesting soya beans

Row Crop Header. 

Along with the successfully tested WINTERSTEIGER Uni Flow header for the soybean harvest, WINTERSTEIGER has developed its own - "Row Crop Header" for harvesting soybeans with wide row spacing.


The flat angle of the picking elements and the intake belt ensure gentle lifting of the plants, a low cutting height, no loss, and an optimum intake. The stone trap also prevents the intake of foreign objects. Thanks to its modular design, the "Row Crop Header" can be perfectly adapted to your needs, the respective soil conditions, and the row spacing.


Performance features:

  • Modular concept (elements: fixed/floating, with carrying wheels/skids)
  • Adapts perfectly to irregularities in the terrain
  • The intake speed, reversing unit for feeder elements, folding crop divider, etc. can be adjusted from the driver's cabin whilst on the move


Configuration and accessories:

  • Low cutting height: from 5 cm (2")
  • Row spacing: 76 cm (30"); other row spacing intervals are available on request

Side carrying wheels

Seed grinder for destroying harvested seeds

Seed grinder.

The seed grinder for destroying harvested seeds before they leave the fields is now also available for the Quantum plot combine harvester. The V-shaped, toothed cracker rollers run at different speeds and are extremely efficient. They are hardened and designed for long-term use.


The spacing between the grinding rollers can be adjusted continuously and precisely, meaning that all common crops from – rapeseed and cereals to soybeans and corn – can be processed using the same rollers. The correct roller gap is of course monitored by the control system.


Key features:

  • Proven, efficient grinding roller system that has been tried and tested in industrial applications
  • Universal rollers for use with all crops
  • Adjustable roller spacing
  • Seed destruction rate of over 99 %


Configuration and accessories:

  • Available with or without straw chopper
  • Integrated chaff spreader
  • Integrated magnetic separator