Photo competition 2019 – congratulations!

Front left: Pascal Alphonse (WINTERSTEIGER), behind: Philippe Auclert, Patrice Courtin and Corentin Simonet

The winner of the 2019 photo competition is Corentin Simonet from Antedis in France. Many congratulations! Pascal Alphonse (Area Sales Manager WINTERSTEIGER) handed over the prize to company representatives during a visit at Antedis: a voucher for a barbecue event for the team worth 1500 euros


Corentin Simonet submitted a total of 14 photos – the winning photo (above) shows two Quantum plot combines from above. The jury was won over by the photo’s perspective and harmonious feel: The two machines work together like a team. The colors and the vast landscape, everything hangs together beautifully and the effect produced is almost like a painting.


The photo competition once again produced photos from all over the world, and we would like to express our thanks for your contribution! We will be revealing a small selection in the 2020 WINTERSTEIGER calendar as usual.