Digital agriculture and agronomic research: WINTERSTEIGER and Delair sign a strategic partnership

Exclusive distribution agreement will offer combined field-testing equipment and visual intelligence solutions tomeet the increasingly demanding challenges of agricultural field research.


WINTERSTEIGER, the world's number one in field trial technology, and Delair, a leading provider of end-to-end visual data management solutions, today announced their strategic partnership to offer the combined power of turnkey agricultural research equipment and visual data management solutions to seed breeding and production companies, universities, research institutes and agrochemical companies. Through the agreement, WINTERSTEIGER becomes the exclusive reseller of Delair’s hardware and software solutions for field trials. The partners presented their joint go-to-market strategy at the annual DLG event in Hanover, on January 28, 29, 2020.


New-generation drone systems and sophisticated aerial imagery analytics are revolutionizing plant science research and the entire agriculture industry by providing large-scale field-based plant phenotyping data, and therefore a better understanding of how seeds perform in the field. Combined with powerful machines built for breeding and crop variety trials that help achieve optimum harvest quality and superior breeding outcomes, it can further accelerate the progress of breeding programs and reduce working time and cost per plot. 


Through the exclusive dealership agreement, WINTERSTEIGER will include the Delair UX 11 AG long-range drone and the delair.ai cloud platform in its portfolio of solutions to cover the entire cycle of field research. This way, its customers will benefit from a one-stop-shop partner to manage their breeding populations, test plots and phenotyping data, with an optimized decision support workflow.

 “This collaboration aims to provide our customers with seamless access to the best breeding workflow available, and therefore enable them to accelerate their product developments,” said Christopher Schiehauer, Head of Business Field SEEDMECH, at WINTERSTEIGER. “The team at Delair shares our vision to empower a diverse community of innovators to unlock the global genetic potential of plants through the digitalization of the whole field research.”


“The ambition of the collaboration is to build the most complete digital solution for field trial activities, said Lénaïc Grignard, Agriculture and Forestry product manager at Delair. We are really excited that our products are now available through the world’s leading supplier of agricultural research equipment. WINTERSTEIGER has established itself at the top of an exciting market and this new partnership serves as a great example of their innovative and ambitious initiatives.”