NEW: Dynamic Disc Plus: A seeder for all crop types!

In 2010, WINTERSTEIGER developed the Dynamic Disc precision spaced planter. With 10 years of experience in this machinery behind us, we are now launching a new generation with the powerful Dynamic Disc Plus. The main advantage of the seeder is its Multi Crop function: The Dynamic Disc Plus can be used to sow maize, soybeans, sunflowers, rape, canola, grains (wheat, barley, sorghum), and sugar beet (pelleted and non-pelleted).


More accurate, faster, easier.

We have made many other improvements to meet the requirements of our customers:


  • The seed singulation is extremely precise; there are almost no skipped seeds and no doubles. An integrated flap for precise plot separation and the new geometry of the extraction/suction channel ensure seed purity in the seed metering unit.
  • With sowing speeds of up to 5 km/h, the Dynamic Disc Plus is significantly faster than the previous model.
  • Thanks to the modern Easy Plant planting software, operation is simple and intuitive and the seeder offers a high level of operational reliability.


In 2020, live demos and field tests will be taking place using the machine. If you are interested, please contact your Area Sales Manager, who will provide you with the dates.


A video and technical details can be found on the product page. To the product page