Software solution Easy Breed: Test now for free

Easy Breed – Flexible software solution for plant breeding and trials.


We are delighted to announce a new Easy Breed release featuring a wealth of new functions. Check out the highlights of this release free for 30 days and get to know the basic functions of the software in 2 free training units. Take advantage of this great opportunity to discuss your requirements with us.


The latest Easy Breed release from April 2021 puts the focus firmly on performance and flexibility. Lists, field plans, analyses, visualizations: You as the user decide which data are to be displayed, analyzed, or visualized.


Integrate your current planting plans into Easy Breed and see the benefits of the simple data collection, evaluation, and visualization of your data this very season!


Let's get together to see how we can continue to develop Easy Breed for you.


We look forward to hearing from you!