Easy Breed meets GZPK (Peter Kunz Grain Breeding)

A wonderful day at the Feldbach trial location of GZPK, Switzerland

It was a pleasure to visit GZPK (Peter Kunz Grain Breeding), a Swiss biodynamic plant breeding non-profit association, to do on-site training of Easy Breed plant breeding software. The visit to the Feldbach trial location on Lake Zurich was wonderful for many reasons. But this session was so much more than just training because both partners learned from this experience. GZPK learned how to use Easy Breed software to directly generate crosses and create field designs, field plans and field books. WINTERSTEIGER gained valuable insight into their breeding cycles and we came home with some good ideas for new or expanded Easy Breed functionalities.


GZPK uses Easy Breed for organic wheat, pea breeding, and the niche crops triticale and emmer.

You can also use Easy Breed for grains, vegetables, flowers or trees. Let us do a demo at your trial location to show you how.