Triple Row Motion: Simultaneous planting of three single row plots

Triple row motion

The Triple Row Motion is a seeder for planting three single row plots at the same time. Feeding can take place either via the feeding magazine or the predistributor.


The machine has been equipped with Lemken openers with a continuous opener carrier, in accordance with the customer's wishes. The wheel struts have been arranged at the front to facilitate use of this continuous opener carrier, with the center wheel struts designed to be adjustable in height to compensate for the tractor's tracks. This results in a high degree of flexibility in plot configuration, because the row spacing and track can be independently adjusted across the entire width of the machine. The entire range of openers and the seeding components of the Plot Motion platform are, of course, available for the machine. Other special equipment on the machine includes a wind and rain cover that can be lowered for road transport, and three electrically operated lifts used to lift the chamber magazines onto the operator platform - lightening the workload for the operator.


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