Apprenticeship projects successfully completed

Our 3rd and 4th year apprentices presented their final projects to instructors, colleagues, foremen and the Management Board.


The first group of apprentices built a test device for mowing tables on the plot combine and the second a show cabin for the Quantum Plus plot combine. Both projects were planned, budgeted, designed and manufactured throughout by our apprentices after the order was placed. Of course, the projects were organized by themselves.


New test device for mower tables.

The new device for testing the mowing table on the plot combine has undergone several improvements: It is easier to operate, the hydraulic tank is larger and easier to access, and it is equipped with a level sensor. The mower table is mounted in exactly the same way as on the plot combine, and all hydraulic hoses are also connected in the same way. The test device is used in production to ensure thorough testing of each table before assembly.


Demonstration cabin for the Quantum Plus plot combine.

The 2nd apprentice team has constructed a plot combine cabin, which allows customers to get a firsthand experience of the machine and its functionalities. The demonstration cabin has the same interior as on the plot combine and is utilized at trade fairs and during customer visits to the Seedmech showroom.


The apprentice projects are an important part of training and demonstrate the high level of apprenticeship and the skills of our junior staff. WINTERSTEIGER is proud of its apprentices and congratulates them on their great performance!