Easy Harvest and Easy Plant: version 2.1.

The Easy Harvest weighing system software and the Easy Plant software for the Dynamic Disc have been available in the new version 2.1 since February 2015. The emphasis in development was placed first on improved user-friendliness and second on the addition of new functions. For the future, it is planned to provide an annual update with new functions for the software.


The Easy Harvest software corresponds exactly to the harvesting process and the components of the WINTERSTEIGER machines, and Easy Plant is the ideal software for controlling your planter.


1. Further development of Easy Harvest.


Machine configuration and settings.

The dialog for setting the configuration and parameters of the harvester machines has been revised and now presents itself in two clear-cut and separate menus. The setup menu has become more user-friendly: the active machine components and their parameters are now displayed in a structured form. Machine-specific additions.


For the WINTERSTEIGER Split, weight per hectoliter for a plot has been integrated into Easy Harvest. As always, these additional values can also be exported in various file formats.


Furthermore, the Split can now be operated in a new sequential process mode (bucket mode). The sequential process and weighing in the still position make it possible to do sampling in one-person-operation.

NIRS measuring has been integrated into harvesting machines with the GrainGage weighing system. The backup feature for partial weight measurements is an additional capability for the Classic GrainGage weighing system.


The Cibus forage harvester can now be operated in a long plot mode. The procedure can be operated with the assistance of an adjustable maximum weight warning.


Additional enhancements and updates:

The integration of NIRS systems has been updated. The data transfer for the Polytec NIRS system has been enhanced with improvements to the controls, error processing and diagnostics.

The operation of the Zebra P4T label printer has also been improved: the printer is now recognized automatically. In addition, the configuration has been simplified and the printer status display has been enhanced.


The moisture curves for various crop types that are included in Easy Harvest have been updated.

More additional features include remote servicing via Teamviewer as well as the ability to generate a diagnostic report and save the machine configuration data.


2. Further improvements of Easy Plant.


The new seed documentation data-export feature provides a clear-cut overview of the trial data and the quantities of seed that have been sown. Calculation of the maximum speed allowed has been revised and now delivers more precise values.


By optimizing the new control software for the Dynamic Disc, placement accuracy has been improved even more.


Another new feature is the seed rescue while resuming planting. In the event of a malfunction in the metering unit, you can stop the planting process. The metering unit can subsequently be opened and planting can be resumed from the point of interruption without the need to start from the beginning.


Benefit from the advantages of the current software as soon as the next time you plant or harvest! Please contact the area sales manager responsible for your area, and he will be happy to help you.