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Cibus TRM

Tractor mounted plot harvester for silage maize and energy crops.

The tractor mounted Cibus TRM has everything you need for efficient harvesting in silage maize and other energy crop trials. A powerful blower transports the chopped harvested material to the rotary sample taker and onward to the weighing bucket.


The operator can take a sample and control the weighing system at the operators platform. The harvested material is either dumped on the ground after weighing, or offloaded onto a trailer using a unloading blower.

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

  • Best harvesting performance and guaranteed mix-free harvested material thanks to the powerful and row-independent chopper
  • Loss-free take-up of the harvested material thanks to the powerful feeder drum and aggressive teething
  • Precise chopping quality thanks to high-performance feeding and high-speed blade wheel
  • Row-independent and thus versatile deployment for maize, sorghum, sunflowers, miscanthus, rapeseed, or forage
  • Hydraulically rotating discharge manifold with integrated cleaning flap
  • Mobile data collection and sampling systems support efficient harvest with convenient controls and excellent precision
  • The harvested material can be discharged to the ground either to the left rear, or to the right rear side