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The flexible software for your plant breeding.

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Easy Breed The flexible software for your plant breeding.

Ideally suited to the entire breeding process and all types of crop

Easy Breed The flexible software for your plant breeding.

Ideally suited to the entire breeding process and all types of crop

Easy Breed is a user-friendly data management system for plant breeding. Developed together with breeders, the software structures field trial data, phenotypic data, marker data, and pedigrees. Simply put, Easy Breed helps you to hybridize, plan and run trials, integrate and analyze data, and select the best varieties. Create the perfect foundation for successfully developing new varieties!

What are the advantages of using Easy Breed in plant breeding?

You benefit from the advantages of a flexible and comprehensive data management system – fully customized to your individual needs. The software for plant breeders offers numerous benefits:


  • User-friendly interface: Short implementation time, easy configuration and customization of workflows according to your exact requirements.
  • Quick installation: Easy Breed is ready to go after just a few clicks of the mouse. Data from existing systems can be easily imported, saving you time.
  • Individual extensions: Easy Breed can be extended with practical functions as required and is also compatible with WINTERSTEIGER Easy Plant and Easy Harvest.
  • Flexible language selection: The breeding software is available in English and German, and can be customized into many other languages.
  • Training and support: Webinars, free training sessions, and the concentrated know-how of WINTERSTEIGER and the Easy Breed user community are at your disposal.

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Would you like to learn more about Easy Breed, try out its features, and see the benefits for yourself? Take advantage of our offer and discover the functions of our plant breeding software in two free training sessions within 30 days! You will also have the opportunity to talk to us about your individual needs.


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How does plant breeding work with Easy Breed?

The software can be used for all types of crop. Easy Breed supports you right from the beginning of the plant breeding process; hybridizations and cross-progeny can be created and managed effortlessly. Easy Breed helps to create randomized and non-randomized trial designs as well as to generate field books and work lists.

Practical: Automated data integration

Automated data integration

Practical: Automated data integration

Data from various sources can be automatically integrated into Easy Breed. This includes trial planning data with GIS coordinates, machine data for automatically creating sowing plans, as well as appraisal and drone data documented from the field, yield data from combines, or laboratory data. Standardized interfaces like the DCI interface to the voice-controlled appraisal software smatrix make data integration particularly simple and error-free. The integrated analysis modules allow the data to be evaluated directly in the software, meaning that selection decisions can be made on the basis of solid data.

Step by step: From data visualization to interpretation

One of the core functionalities is the evaluation of single-site or multi-site randomized field trials and two-factorial trials. In doing so, the software performs the following tasks:


Check of normal distribution and variance homogeneity

  • Creation of a descriptive statistical overview
  • Outlier listing
  • Compilation of variance components, marginal differences, and results from ANOVA
  • Calculation of adjusted mean values

The result is an effective and transparent selection of promising genotypes for your further breeding process.


Other analysis features of Easy Breed include:


  • One-way and two-way ANOVA
  • Regression analyses and correlation determinations
  • Statistical overviews of any number of experiments, locations, and parameters
  • Determination of GCA and SCA values
  • AUDPC calculation for resistance tests, for example


A wide range of visualization functions are available for optimally presenting the analyzed data, with heat maps, boxplots, and scatter, line, and bar charts ensuring that you can quickly get an overview of the quality and trends revealed.


And by the way: Easy Breed uses the open source software R, allowing interfaces to be developed that support individual analysis pipelines as well as visualization and reporting methods.

Fully informed: Easy Breed webinar

We will show you how Easy Breed can be used to support your breeding process in our webinar. It explains all the steps from planning and execution right through to the final evaluation of the field trials. Keen to find out more? Then watch our webinar now!

Easy Breed

For whom is the plant breeding software the ideal solution?

Easy Breed is able to integrate data from different machines and from various suppliers, including seeders, plot combines, and laboratory equipment. Even data from drones and appraisal apps are effortlessly integrated and can be incorporated into the analysis.


The flexibility offered by Easy Breed is especially important in times of digitalization and automation, and is equally valued by its different users.

Universities and non-university research institutions

research institutions

The ability to store all research data centrally within one system makes Easy Breed particularly attractive to universities and other research institutions. In addition, the integration of users' own analysis and visualization functions is so easy that new functions can be tested very quickly with the integrated data.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and private breeders

(SMEs) and private breeders

SMEs as well as private breeders appreciate Easy Breed's ability to collect all relevant information by using only one piece of software and to evaluate it via standardized workflows. Easy data consolidation spanning multiple years and locations makes the selection of breeding material simple and fast.

Large international companies

international companies

Large companies active in the fields of plant breeding and plant protection, or as trial suppliers, particularly benefit from Easy Breed's flexibility. Existing workflows can be integrated quickly and easily, so that the software can be adapted precisely to the needs of the user.

In action: Easy Breed in use at Saatzucht Ackermann GmbH und Co. KG

The Easy Breed breeding software is being successfully used at Saatzucht Ackermann in Bavaria. The traditional family-run company specializes in summer and winter barley, and in 2017 won a "Top 100" award as one of the leading innovators among German SMEs.

What Ackermann GmbH & Co. KG particularly appreciates about Easy Breed is the high data quality that is ensured throughout the entire breeding process, from hybridization to marketing. The results of the analyses serve as an important basis for decisions that influence the future success of the company.


Saatzucht Ackermann

“The big advantage for us is that we now have all our data in one place. Previously, we used something different for every step in the process and were constantly switching between one tool and another. Easy Breed has replaced all these various programs and spreadsheets and, with the exception of a few smaller areas, everything is now clearly visualized in Easy Breed.” Susanna Boxberger, Head of Pre-Breeding and R&D at Saatzucht Ackermann GmbH und Co. KG.

Saatzucht Josef Breun

“Due to our heterogeneous soils, we use special trial designs and evaluations. The integration of user-specific designs and evaluations in Easy Breed is what makes the software so valuable to us.”

Saatzucht Josef Breun GmbH & Co. KG, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz, Feldbach

Having Easy Breed available as a German-language software with German-language support is a huge benefit. Every question is answered promptly and regular webinars make sure we are always kept up to date.”

Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz, Feldbach, Switzerland

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