Easy Breed Plant breeding software

The flexible software solution for the entire breeding process.

Valid data and efficient work processes are the key to successfully developing new crop varieties.


Easy Breed is the new software solution from WINTERSTEIGER for plant breeding and field trials. The breeding software automates your breeding processes, without restricting you. You can select genotypes for crossing or for trial planning, create crosses and progenies, set up randomized and non-randomized field trials, generate task lists, process data, and compile result reports.


Our software for plant breeding has an interface to WINTERSTEIGER planters and harvesters, so that, for example, your harvesting data are immediately available for quality control and further analysis in Easy Breed.


Using Easy Breed makes your entire plant breeding process more efficient. Trial data, such as rating, yield and laboratory data, genealogy, genomic data, weather and soil information are permanently integrated and organized so that they are easy to find in subsequent years.


The breeding software can be quickly installed as a standalone or server version. Existing data from breeding programs can easily be imported into the system and supplemented by publicly available data from Federal Plant Variety Offices, for example. User-specific configurations, adjustments, and enhancements to workflows are simply accomplished in Easy Breed in anything from a few hours to a few days. German and English versions of Easy Breed are currently available.


  • Minimal time for implementation and introduction
  • Comprehensive set of functionalities
  • Support in the entire breeding program
  • Interface to your hardware
  • Individually expendable
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Take advantage of our community
  • Compatible with WINTERSTEIGER Easy Plant and Easy Harvest

Selecting parents for crossing, creating crosses and progeny.

Easy Breed Kreuzungsmanager – Feldversuchsplanung

Easy Breed offers you the best possible support for creating new varieties. The trait data of potential parents can be consolidated over different locations and years and presented together with genotypic properties, for example. You can quickly and transparently make decisions about new crosses on this basis, and set up the crosses directly in the breeding software. The names of the crosses are systematically assigned with your user-defined specifications, and the relevant pedigrees are created at the same time.


Thanks to comprehensive crossing functions, such as "Check crosses", "Crossing lists", "Create cross types", "Rename crosses", "Swap parents", or "Document crossing success", all stages of your crossing work are supported and relevant data are available to you in subsequent processes. With Easy Breed, you can also consistently create the progeny of crosses in accordance with your specifications, and then put them together for planning your field trials or for laboratory investigations.


Figure: Easy Breed crossing manager. Selecting parents for new crosses based on characteristic traits, genotypic properties, and pedigree information. The names of the crosses are systematically created in accordance with the user's specification. There is also an option to document the breeding objective and generation for the cross. Pedigrees are created directly in the database.

Planning field trials and integrating trial data.

Easy Breed offers you many possible ways to design field trials directly in the breeding software. Different randomization functions such as alpha, augmented, or RCBD designs are available for this. Non-randomized trials can also be created with a user-defined sequence of objects to be tested, and iterative repetitions and seed magazines can be created with a few clicks. The software for plant breeding allows you to compile specific field plans and assign your designs to the field plans.


To keep seed handling simple, Easy Breed has integrated functions that calculate the seed required for a trial over all the locations in accordance with the parameters you set, such as sowing density, plot size, or number of seeds per plot, and propose an optimized allocation to the existing seed sources. It then only takes a few clicks to prepare weighing lists, as well as to update the existing seed in the database.


It is easy to prepare sowing lists that are compatible with WINTERSTEIGER seeders. User-specific field books can be generated and used on mobile devices, for example, or printed out on paper. Task lists or order lists can also be quickly drawn up for laboratories, for instance. Company-specific barcodes and labels can easily be integrated. The subsequent integration of rating data documented in the field, yield data recorded by combines, or laboratory data, is automated. The validity of the data is checked, so that as a result, you immediately have available valid trial data that has all the metadata integrated.

Easy Breed Feldversuchsplanung

Easy Breed field trial planning. User-specific randomized and non-randomized field designs and seed magazines can be created, with edge plots and the number of beds and rows.

Breeding Software zur Unterstützung bei der Feldversuchsplanung

Easy Breed field books. Users can configure their own field books as required, and use them directly in the software as a form, or export them for use on mobile devices.

Analyzing and visualizing data.

Easy Breed analyses. The evaluation of randomized field trials is automated.

All the integrated data are available in Easy Breed for data analysis and data visualization. One of the core functionalities of the software is the evaluation of single or multi-location randomized field trials. Among other things, this creates a descriptive statistical overview, lists outliers, compiles trait and location-based variances, shows correlations between traits, and of course, calculates adjusted mean values for each tested genotype. The process of importing the results from the analyses to the Easy Breed database is automated.


Easy Breed has many other integrated analysis functions, including determining the GCA and SCA values, calculating the AUDPC for resistance trials, regression analyses, and correlation determination, or statistical overviews of any number of experiments, locations, and parameters. Diverse visualization functions, such as heat maps, box and scatter plots, line and bar charts are available and can quickly provide you with an overview of the quality and distribution of the data.


Easy Breed uses the open-source software R for the integrated analysis and visualization functions, and provides interfaces so that you can use your individual analysis pipelines and visualization and reporting methods.

Easy Breed visualizations.

Integrated data can be visualized and presented in different ways.

Heat Map: Grain yield

Heatmap zum Kornertrag aus der Breeding Software

Cabbage rot

Statistik zur Krautfäule aus der Software für Pflanzenzüchtung

BoxPlot- Grain yield

Kornertrag, visualisiert in der Züchtungssoftware Easy Breed

Scatter Plot VSG-001-2019

Scatter Plot aus der Software für Pflanzenzüchtung

Your benefits.

Easy Breed was developed by breeders for breeders. The breeding software supports the entire breeding process and can be used for all cultivars. The system can be installed with just a few clicks. The software for plant breeding is then ready to use immediately and provides you with interfaces to your WINTERSTEIGER machines. After a brief introduction, you will save a lot of time in routine tasks. Easy Breed also supports you ideally in the planning of field trials. You can consistently transfer your existing data from your old systems to the Easy Breed database, of course. If you are missing any functions, we can quickly and individually extend the software for you. As a user, you can suggest additional development objectives to us. The software for plant breeding then grows with new techniques, requirements, and ideas, is always up-to-date, and is therefore far more cost-efficient than home-grown solutions.


Easy Breed – your key to successful breeding.


We are here for you!

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

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