Plotseed S
Mechanical plot drill

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Plotseed S Mechanical plot drill

Light plot seeders, tractor mounted.

Plotseed S Mechanical plot drill

Light plot seeders, tractor mounted.

The WINTERSTEIGER plot seeders have been specially developed for precise sowing of trial plots. A variety of distribution systems makes it possible to distribute the seed for a plot over multiple rows. The modular system with its many options allows you to customize the machine for many different applications. 




Transport width


Tractor mounted 3-point


(49” – 68”)

1500 – 2250 mm

(59” – 88”)

2000 mm (79”)

2700 mm (106”)

Starts at 400 kg

(808 lbs)


Your benefits summed up:

  • Simple controls and excellent visibility for the driver and operator
  • Easy track width and row spacing adjustment
  • Wide application scope thanks to a variety of feeding variants
  • Seed placement for a variety of soil conditions thanks to a selection of opener systems

Distribution systems.

A combination of distribution systems can also be deployed.
Mounting 2 distribution systems side by side or behind/in front of one another allows for simultaneous sowing of two plots and/or spreading of fertilizer or microgranulate.

Belted cone.

The belted cone (diameter 195 or 290 mm) is suitable for any kind of sowing, from fine seeds, through grain, to legumes with large seeds.


Cell wheel

The cell wheel (diameter 265 or 400 mm) is mainly used for smaller seed sizes up to the size of grain.

Bandkopf und Zellenradverteiler

Belted cone and cell wheel distributor

Slope compensation.


Slope compensation.

Slope compensation ensures even distribution of seed in the belted cone/cell wheel and distributor housing despite
sloping ground. If you are sowing on a flat surface, you can work without slope compensation.

Seeder control units.

Two control units are available for the WINTERSTEIGER plot seeders:

While the PDS-E control unit can be regarded as a minimal version, the Global Seed Control (GSC) is the perfect solution for exacting requirements with respect to precision and control. 


PDS-E control unit.

  • ON/OFF for electrical power supply to seeder 
  • Actuates the seed distribution system
  • Funnel stroke time adjustment 
  • Horn button for audible signal by operator
  • Function monitoring (horn signal in case of malfunction)

Global Seed Control (GSC) control unit.

The GSC combines all features that guarantee best distribution accuracy and precision. 

The control unit is characterized by the following features:



  • Easy controls via function keys
  • Clear, high-contrast display 


Setting options:

  • User menu language setting 
  • Easy setting of different plot parameters, such as the plot length, cycle length, selected speed, start length, drive mode, and number of plots per trip 
  • Distribution system adjustment: selection of distribution system (e.g. belted cone, magazine, etc.) and setting of filling times (e.g. funnel stroke time, seed drop time)



  • Displays the drive train settings required for the selected plot parameters
  • Monitoring of all critical functions and malfunction cause display. In plot drilling, this means power monitoring of the rotary distributor so that feeding or the funnel stroke is blocked in case of a malfunction. 

Travel measuring system via measuring wheel.

The measuring wheel greatly facilitates sowing since there is no need for field markers; at the same time, it improves efficiency and precision. The GSC provides the following functions in combination with the measuring wheel:



  • The sowing cycle is triggered by a signal from the measuring wheel
  • A warning signal occurs in case of excessive speed

Opener systems.

The following opener systems are available for seed drilling:


For prepared soils:

Isaria Schleppschar

ISARIA shoe opener, row spacing as of 8 cm (3.2”)

Nodet shoe opener, row spacing as of 8.5 cm (3.3”)

Accord CX single disk opener, row spacing as of 9.5 cm (3.8”)

Lemken double disk opener, row spacing as of 12.5 cm (4.9”)

Great Plains

For direct sowing:

Great Plains double disk opener, row spacing as of 15 cm (6”)


The following options are available depending on the basic frame:

Kontinuierliche Aussaat

Bulk seed sowing


Spring tine harrow

  • Anti-static filling funnels for grass and fine seeds
  • Sensors for seed monitoring
  • Wind and rain protection cabin
  • Platform with safety rail
  • Track marking
  • Track loosener
  • Measuring wheel
  • Cable trip system

GPS Technology

Use of satellite navigation in field trials.

GPS Technology

Use of satellite navigation in field trials.

WINTERSTEIGER gives you the option of fitting state of the art GPS technology to any seeder. WINTERSTEIGER
cooperates with experienced partners in this area. Together, we have developed a system that is simple to use and
supports your field work in a reliable way.

We would be happy to help!

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