Three good reasons for "the WINTERSTEIGER automated machines"


The WINTERSTEIGER automated ski servicing machines are establishing themselves on the market. With more than 50 automated machines sold worldwide, this could become a record-breaking season.


Three product characteristics stand out and often make the difference in customer decisions:


1. Automatic ski magazine.

Also known as "the paternoster," the magazine for processing and unloading provides a buffer for up to 16 skis, saving much time. Those who have worked with a ski magazine never want to do without it again.


"It was the ski magazine that finally tipped the scales. We can serve customers and service skis at the same time."


2. Grinding without suction cups

Two sleds with 8 clamping cylinders each easily transport skis with any kind of surface. Pre-sorting and manual finishing are no longer an issue!


"No more exceptions. Any ski can be processed."



3. Ceramic Disc Finish.

The unique technology grinds high precision edges – from the first to the last ski.


"Our ski instructors say: The edges are at least as good as if we were to hone them manually with a file."


"In combination with the polishing module, we get the best edges in the world!"


Of course, there are many more reasons that speak for the WINTERSTEIGER automated machines: for example the complete flexibility for machine configuration or the easy program selection via touchscreen. The proven WINTERSTEIGER service is another important extra benefit to consider in the decision process.


We would be very happy to help you in an in-depth consultation!

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Für ein ausführliches Gespräch stehen wir sehr gerne zur Verfügung!

Nettoyage doux à basse pression de tous les composants

Pour Stefan Huber, son plus gros atout est le nettoyage en douceur des vélos électriques : « Les vélos électriques représentent jusqu’à 80 % de nos ventes. Avec Veloclean, nous nettoyons les vélos sans en abîmer les composants fragiles. Cela posait problème avec le nettoyeur vapeur que nous utilisions auparavant. » La « Spray-Gun » intégrée, une lance de vaporisation pour le nettoyage, gère rapidement et sans problème le processus de nettoyage avec un mélange air-eau à une pression d’environ 4 bars. Avec la station Veloclean, 15 vélos sont préparés à la revente chaque jour.

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