Innovation from Ried: The first plot combine for seed breeding in the world

combine for seed breeding

In 1958, Hans Wintersteiger began engineering a combine for seed breeding. There had already been attempts with small farmers' combines, but they failed as too many grains got caught in the cutting unit, threshing unit, or cleaning system, and contaminated the samples.


Hans Wintersteiger first sent the draft of the plot combine to various seed breeding companies, with the offer to build it if he received 10 or more orders. In 1960, he succeeded in engineering the first plot combine for seed breeding from a conventional combine built by Hege. Wintersteiger was thus the first manufacturer of plot combines in the world.


Gold medal for technical achievement.

Around 15 combines of the PAM 150 model were built each year. It was a narrow combine with a cutting width of 150 cm. At the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1967, F.Walter & H. Wintersteiger KG received the gold medal for the "high scientific-technical" level of the PAM 150S, and of the PAM125 model in 1971.


Wintersteiger received further orders at the time from Mr. Körber, an engineer at the seed breeding center in Reichersberg, who maintained a wide international cooperation network. For example, he placed an order for six seeders to be sent to Australia, marking the start of the export business.


In 1962, three employees worked in the office and 20 in assembly.

Product information on the PAM150S from the 1960s in three languages: German, English, and French

1967: Gold medal for the PAM150S

Presentation of the gold medal in 1971. On the right of the photo: Hans Wintersteiger