Welcome to the future.

At ISPO 2019 in Munich, we presented our rental concept of the future: “VDZ – Verleih der Zukunft.” With the help of digitization and intelligent use of data, WINTERSTEIGER has found a way to streamline the rental process for sports businesses and make it more straightforward. Well-known sports retailers including Intersport Arlberg, Bründl Sports, and Patscheider Sports were the first customers to make use of this innovative concept.


Say goodbye to long and complex processes with VDZ!

Trying on ski boots, choosing skis, getting bindings set, stowing away shoes – all in full skiing gear and possibly with wet socks by the end of it: Renting equipment from a sports outlet ready for a day on the slopes can be a stressful process for skiers. Stores are often swarming with customers scrambling for the best kit, eager to hit the piste as soon as possible.

Getting onto the piste more quickly and conveniently.

With these busy peak periods in mind, WINTERSTEIGER has developed a concept to speed up and manage the rental process. This involves both combining existing WINTERSTEIGER products and introducing some new ones. The Easyrent rental software, for example, is used to control the order in which skis and boots are issued from strategically placed monitors, so skiers can look around the store at their leisure knowing exactly how many people are in front of them in the line.


When it comes to renting out ski boots, the 3D foot scanner from BOOTDOC and the Sizefit electromechanical sole make the perfect team: The foot scanner picks out the right ski boot in seconds, while Sizefit sets the binding to the right size. The advantage of Sizefit is that skiers no longer have to take off “their” ski boots when the bindings are being set. Customers who have their own ski boots don’t need to take those off either: The Sizefit Caliper can measure the boots and, while the Sizefit Sole sets the bindings to the same size.


Basically, our rental concept of the future means less hauling equipment around, less getting pushed about in crowds, and much more time to spend on the slopes. That goes for the people who work in the sports outlets too: The whole process is simply less stressful and more convenient.

Verleih der Zukunft