"Copenhill", THE hill in Copenhagen

Ecology and tourism in harmony
© David E. Zanardi

The craziest ski resort in the world


Copenhill is known as the craziest ski resort in the world: it is a 400-meter-long ski slope on the roof of the municipal waste incineration plant. The "hill" is 90 meters high and skiing takes place here all year round - overlooking the ocean!


Copenhagen wants to be the first capital city in the world to be CO2 free by 2025 and sustainable urban development is a top priority. The Copenhill plant is particularly useful and extremely innovative: the world's most modern waste recycling process combines sustainability and tourism in the center of the city. Copenhill is one of the highest points in Denmark, a country known to be quite flat. The longest artificial ski slope in the country was designed with synthetic mats made by the Bergamo-based Italian company Neveplast and boasts 4 ski lifts, including drag lifts and conveyor belts. 



Daniel Steininger, Head of the SPORTS business field: "Copenhill could become another Copenhagen landmark, along with the opera house and the little mermaid. We are proud to be involved in this innovative project and to be allowed to furnish the ski rental store with products such as our ski storage systems and ski boot dryers."


© David E. Zanardi

© David E. Zanardi

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