From hardware shop to the place to be for active leisure enthusiasts

Workshop manager Bart Vandikkelen

A.S Adventure started in the 1940s with the sale of old army equipment of american soldiers. The "A.S" in the company name stands for "American Stockhouse". Over the years, A.S Adventure has developed into an experience concept for the active leisure sportsman. Currently, A.S Adventure operates 49 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and France with more than 900 brands in the outdoor and fashion sector.  


Discovery: "The best machine on the market".


7 years ago, A.S Adventure invested in the first automated ski service machine Discovery with 6 modules, with which they serviced more than 300,000 skis and 35,000 snowboards. The new Discovery bsdsdpf has an additional band module especially for snowboards. With this one machine, A.S Adventure supplies all shops with rental skis and customer skis. This means the service of 30.000 pairs of skis and 5.000 snowboards per season. At real rush hours, the team manages 1,100 pairs of skis a day, working from 6.00 am to midnight.


A.S Adventure is enthusiastic about the new Discovery and Workshop manager Bart Vandikkelen sums up the advantages:


  • With this machine, we can handle a high volume of skis and snowboards with a constant quality. 
  • The Paternoster ski magazine gives us the time to prepare the skis while the Discovery runs at full speed. 
  • With the 2 stone and 2 disc modules we always have a good structure and perfect edges..
  • The polishing and waxing modules produce a great end product without any further manual finishing.


"For us, the consistent quality and high output are great. Due to the continuous development this is without doubt the best machine on the market. Great job, WINTERSTEIGER!"

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