Fully automated service system for skis and snowboards.

Jupiter – the new king of the ski service universe.


Striving for innovation, always staying one step ahead, anticipating and helping to shape the future – this has distinguished WINTERSTEIGER for decades. With the new generation of Jupiter automated machines, we are taking you on a journey to a new world, where the latest innovative features improve snow sport service. From variable V-Edge tuning technology for the perfect ski experience to the new "Trim Cut" for sidewall planing to speed service, WINTERSTEIGER offers new solutions in the ski service universe. 


Proven, best-in-class features, such as the Ceramic Disc Finish - the most precise and consistent edge available from man or machine - and the "paternoster" – the ski loading magazine that increases throughput compared to any other machine – have been retained or enhanced. 


Come with us and get to know the Jupiter.  Combining the newest technology with refined, improved features leads to a whole new world of ski servicing!


V-Edge for variable edge angles.


The best edge tuning improved! The edge is ground with variable angles in the tip and tail areas, and at a constant angle underfoot – on both the base edge and side edge. V-Edge works with the three performance categories that are also provided in the Tune Pilot, to provide tried and tested parameters efficiently and, optionally, with automatic ski recognition. Perfect edge grip and easy turning of the ski are combined for the ultimate skiing experience. V-Edge is available for the disc module and the polishing module.

Trim Cut for side wall removal.


With Trim Cut for automated sidewall removal, WINTERSTEIGER has achieved a total innovation! Trim Cut for skyving the sidewall is integrated in the first stone module and is automatically activated during the process. This ensures maximum efficiency in the subsequent edge tuning. But why is this pretreatment necessary? Protruding sidewall can negatively impact side edge tuning. Trim Cut eliminates the need for manual dressing or milling of the sidewall. This process protects the grinding disks and forms the basis for the high-precision edge grinding.

Digitization for automatic ski recognition.


Thanks to its modern technology, the Jupiter is able to automatically recognize skis and compare them with the data stored in the Easyrent rental software. The Jupiter then automatically activates the appropriate or saved edge grinding parameters. Alternatively, a QR code applied to the ski is scanned. The advantage of automatic ski recognition is personalized edge grinding without slow, manual attention required.

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

Completely individual machine configuration

  • 5 different processing modules
  • Highest throughput rate of more than 70 pairs of skis an hour
  • 3 application levels for growing demands: Universal, Performance, Race

Optimum ski handling

  • 3 feeding variants: Paternoster (X), loading unit (L), manual (M)
  • Each feed option is also available in an extended race version for longer racing skis
  • Suction-less ski transport with 9 or up to 11 cylinders (Race) per ski for perfect grinding right to the tip

Perfect edge preparation

  • V-Edge: Precision, variable edge angles for both base and side edges.
  • Automated sidewall removal for optimum Disc side edge tuning (Trim Cut)
  • Individual edge preparation according to the ski classification, which is read from a barcode or QR code on the ski

Individual base preparation

  • Structure recommendation depending on snow conditions
  • Precise balancing directly on the machine
  • 3D structures for all racing requirements

Digital solutions

  • Online connection to the machine and connection to the Easyrent rental software
  • Automatic ski recognition and processing assignment
  • Cloud-based dashboard for monitoring and analyzing machine, usage, and consumption parameters

Ready for the future

With digital solutions, the Jupiter takes on additional tasks. It compares data with the Easyrent rental software and makes data available on a smartphone, tablet, or PC via the Cloud, automatically recognizes the ski, and activates the appropriate or saved grinding parameters. 

More efficient and economical operation.

The 21.5" multi-touch monitor (16:9 format) is state-of-the-art with Mappview technology. The proven, intuitive, and logical user interface has been further improved. Operating graphics and visualization of the program sequences are even more clearly arranged. Operation is individually tailored, from beginner to expert – depending on the chosen machine equipment and options.

Tune Pilot


For the optimum structure. 

With the new Tune Pilot, you can easily cand quickly select the ideal base structure regardless of changing snow conditions. At the touch of a button, you can choose from predefined structure patterns whether the snow is dry, moist, or wet, and the Jupiter grinds the fastest, most predictable ski based on predefined, tested parameters.


For the best edge.

Weekend warrior, racer, or beginner? Skis require different edge preparation for different demands. The ski manufac-turers do this in the factory too. Three different categories and edge angle parameters are defined in the Tune Pilot (Comfort, Sport, Race). At the touch of a button you can call up the appropriate category and the machine pre-cisely applies the perfect angles without time spent trying to reprogram.

Paternoster X, the most efficient feeding system on the market

  • The original from WINTERSTEIGER, perfected over years, and still faster than any other loading system on the market.
  • Ski magazine with capacity for 16 skis in a very small space
  • Operator has their hands free and time for other service work
  • Quality control at a glance: the base of the ski faces upwards after the service

Individual design

Perfectly customized to every requirement.


The Jupiter proves its diversity not only in terms of technology and equipment, but also visually: 3 different design packages are available to choose from and offer plenty of design freedom.

Standard Design

Functional and timeless

Advanced Design

The ideal combination of design and function

Top Class Design

A visual highlight, modern and trend-setting. Ideal for workshops that wish to present the process of a high-quality ski service directly to the customer

Find out more about the Jupiter at our trade shows.

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