Quantum technology topic: automatic plot cycle mode.

The new Quantum is the technology leader among plot combines. One element is the innovative automatic plot cycle mode. Instead of having to start each process such as cleaning, weighing etc. individually at the end of a plot, the Quantum does this completely automatically and thus significantly reduces strain on the driver.


This means that in the fully automatic mode, the driver stops the combine at the end of a plot with a button on the multi-function lever, without having to move the lever. The lowering of the reel, the lifting and the pneumatic clean out of the cutting table then start automatically, followed by the cleaning of the sieves and, after the machine has been completely emptied, also the weighing process. After all the weighing data has been recorded in full, the driver then prepares the combine to start again by another press of the button.


While the process cycles through the individual steps, the driver has a clear view of the current action on the on the display. Besides the fully automatic mode, there are of course a manual and a semi-automatic mode.