Geo Link offers precise planting and greater machine flexibility

Geo Link is the new GPS solution from WINTERSTEIGER for the ultimate planting accuracy and a flexible GPS connection to the tractor. Geo Link provides your WINTERSTEIGER seeder with the GPS position in real time. The use of tractors with special steering systems and an external trigger function is no longer required.


One very happy customer confirms: “The new GPS system Geo Link allows us to use tractors from different manufacturers with standard steering systems for our seeders, which increases the flexibility of our fleet. We can simply use the machine at different sites using different tractors, all without having to retrofit every tractor with special steering systems.

In addition, Geo Link enables more precise planting. With our Dynamic Disc Plus precision spaced planter in combination with Geo Link, we now sow our test seeds on net plots. This means we no longer need to clear the alleys afterwards by hand or using hoeing equipment, which saves us valuable time and resources.”