New: NIR system solution for the Delta.

WINTERSTEIGER now offers its customers a completely new kind of NIR system solution for the Delta plot combine. The main benefit of this solution is the controlled transportation of the harvested material past the NIR sensor. This ensures that a representative analysis of the entire plot can be secured.


The presentation of harvested material is suited for all kinds of crops from rapeseed to grain and legumes to grain maize. Thus parameters like moisture, protein, starch, or also oil content in rapeseed can be measured in real time on the harvester. In addition, the Easy Harvest software automatically assigns the NIR analysis data to the plot and saves it.


As a standard, the WINTERSTEIGER NIR system solution is equipped with POLYTEC sensors and spectrometers. Systems from other manufacturers are also available upon request. Thus WINTERSTEIGER offers a complete package, since hardware and software are obtained from a single supplier and service for the complete system is also provided by WINTERSTEIGER.