Intersport Frühstückl, Obertauern: "Always be the best"

Ewald Konrad, CEO at Intersport Frühstückl

Intersport Frühstückl invested in a new automated ski servicing machine, opting for a Discovery with 6 modules. Since the switch, rental skis from the firm's 4 outlets have been serviced at the branch in Zehnerkar. WINTERSTEIGER visited the company and spoke to CEO Ewald Konrad about how they made such a fundamental decision.


WINTERSTEIGER: Last year you completely renovated your workshop and opted for WINTERSTEIGER machines. Beforehand you had 2 machines from a competitor and would ground skis at 2 sites. How did this change come about?


Ewald Konrad: It was a question of capacity. Our old automated machines were 10 years old and could no longer cope with the grinding volumes. We checked different suppliers and had a very clear profile of requirements: The machine had to be able to process 70 pairs of skis per hour and fit in our workshop. WINTERSTEIGER met both requirements.



WINTERSTEIGER: What do you like most about the Discovery?


Ewald Konrad: For one thing, the disc grinding – surely the best thing currently on the market. The customers are delighted with the quality of the edges and we receive nothing but positive feedback.


Then there is the centralized workflow in one workshop. This has allowed us to reduce our personnel costs dramatically. With the Discovery's automated ski magazine – the "Paternoster" – for loading and unloading skis, we save even more time. In the meantime, staff have their hands free for base repair, meaning I only need 2 service employees in total.

WINTERSTEIGER: Speaking of base repair: You also have a new automated base repair machine from WINTERSTEIGER: Basejet. Are you pleased with it?


Ewald Konrad: Very! The Basejet saves much more material compared to its predecessor, as it does not drip. We also didn't want 2 machines from 2 different suppliers; we wanted to have one contact. We must also praise Christian Gruber (WINTERSTEIGER area manager) here: He gave us fantastic advice, we were able to test the Discovery beforehand at the headquarters in Ried and we got exactly what we needed.


WINTERSTEIGER: One contact – you have since put that into action across the board and changed to the WINTERSTEIGER rental software Easyrent too.


Ewald Konrad: That was another very good decision. We have 10 Easyrent work stations which handle rental, cash desk, and inventory functions. Easyrent is very stable and the employees find it easy to work with.


WINTERSTEIGER: Your motto "we always want to be the best" fits perfectly with our company and we are delighted with our partnership. We wish you every success for the future!