V-Edge for variable edge angles


V-Edge for variable edge angles

The innovative V-Edge technology offers ceramic disc grinding of side and base edges along the entire ski length with precision, variable angles. When developing the V-Edge, we wanted to combine two elements: optimum edge grip and easy control of the ski. We have succeeded in this. This increases the skier's fun and enhances their safety, meaning perfection for everyone, from leisure skiers to racers. Jupiter-ground skis deliver an entirely new skiing experience. The innovative edge technology is unique. You really should experience this revolutionary technology to truly understand how great it is.

V-Edge innovation

For the ultimate skiing experience

With the "automatic ski recognition" option, changes to the edge angles in V-Edge mode take place fully automatically. The edge angles are variable along the ski length. In the central area, the skis have a dynamic edge angle for optimum grip and guidance on hard artificial snow and ice. The edge angle is greater in the front and rear area for easy control and movement in the turns. In addition to the entirely new skiing experience, this also significantly enhances safety.


Precise, variable edge grinding takes place on the base and side edges, entirely independent of ski length and width, and based either on the predefined and tested parameters or on-the-fly, which can then be saved in Easyrent.


One V-Edge for 2 modules: V-Edge Disc (optional) also controls the polishing module – without added investment!

The V-Edge sticker on the skis.

This ensures that the skis have been prepared with V-Edge technology and the skier will enjoys the following advantages.

Comfort (C)

  • For easy control and turning, assured edge grip, and effortless skiing
  • Application: On the slope at moderate speed, all-mountain, freeskiing

Sport (S)

  • For variable control during turns, powerful edge grip, and agile skiing
  • Application: Universal use under all conditions, on the slope or all-mountain

Race (R)

  • For direct control, aggressive edge grip, dynamic skiing
  • Application: High speed, long and short turns, primarily on-piste

St. Anton am Arlberg relies on V-Edge

St. Anton am Arlberg relies on V-Edge

WINTERSTEIGER takes edge grinding technology to the next level with V-Edge innovation!