ÖSV and WINTERSTEIGER: Renewing the partnership once again

Jupiter ski servicing system being used for the 2022 Olympic Games


The Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV) and WINTERSTEIGER AG entered into partnership more than 20 years ago. WINTERSTEIGER has been the exclusive machine supplier to the ÖSV since 1998. Now, in one of his last official acts as ÖSV President, Professor Peter Schröcksnadel has renewed the contract with WINTERSTEIGER for another five years.


This time, the contract was renewed early. The reason for this is the new Jupiter ski servicing system, which is already being used in preparation for the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. The first test grindings convinced ÖSV Sports Director Toni Giger and his team, and starting in the fall, Jupiter will be preparing the athletes' equipment.


Peter Schröcksnadel explains what the new Jupiter has to offer: “The precise technology of a service machine is very important: How well is the ski prepared, how good is the gliding surface? In the past, we have always provided input for the machines, and the cooperation with WINTERSTEIGER is one aspect of our success – and we are extremely grateful for it!” WINTERSTEIGER has thoroughly got to grips with the servicing of racing skis, and has established its own dedicated team for this very purpose. The team members are available as the primary contact for race departments, with their know-how is consolidated in the machines to provide the best-possible tool.



Added bonus: Clean air when training indoors.

Cubusan air disinfecting devices from the Drytech product range have been included in the contract, along with the ski servicing machines and the boot-fitting solutions of the WINTERSTEIGER BOOTDOC and HOTRONIC brands. “Equipped with these highly innovative devices, the ÖSV athletes and their trainers will be training indoors in permanently purified air,” reports Daniel Steininger, General Manager Division SPORTS at WINTERSTEIGER.


Cubusan also ensures that meeting rooms are safe. It works with plasma technology, eliminating up to 99.99 % of all viruses and bacteria from the air and from surfaces. The compact cube will also accompany the ÖSV teams on their travels; as a practical ‘plug & play’ product, it is very easy to use, wherever you are. “A comprehensive concept to protect against viruses and bacteria is currently being developed in consultation with the medical team at ÖSV,” reports Steininger, who is busy planning how and where to use the air disinfection devices.