As of 1 July 2023: New company name, new address, new bank account details

WINTERSTEIGER is positioning itself for the future with a new corporate structure and will become a strategic holding company with 5 independent GmbHs (limited liability companies).



With the transformation of the Division SPORTS into a GmbH, there are some formal changes:


  • New company name: WINTERSTEIGER Sports GmbH
  • New company register number: FN 593430 t
  • New UID number: ATU78805928
  • New bank account details: Oberbank AG, IBAN: AT69 1500 0002 8187 7183,


Please note that these changes will be effective as of July 1st, 2023. From then on all payments should be made exclusively via the new account. This also applies to invoices issued before this date.


ATTENTION: WINTERSTEIGER sends relevant business changes (especially new account data) exclusively by mail and never by e-mail. If you receive emails with similar information, these do not originate from us and could be phishing emails.


New address.

We are particularly proud of our new company address. Johann-Michael-Dimmel-Straße 9 was renamed to "Wintersteigerstrasse 1":



Wintersteigerstrasse 1

4910 Ried im Innkreis



Phone number, e-mail, and internet address will remain the same, and your contacts at our company will also remain unchanged.


We will continue to develop the most innovative and highest quality products and services for you and can now respond to your needs with even more focus. We look forward to our continued cooperation and are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Here's to a successful future together!