WINTERSTEIGER saw factory expanded

Expansion of the saw factory by 2000 m2 to a production area of 6,800 m2

WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH, a subsidiary of the WINTERSTEIGER group, is growing: Three million euros have been invested in buildings and equipment to enlarge the production plant in Arnstadt, Thüringen by 2000 m2. The new facilities were formally opened on June 15.


The increased capacity that has become possible as a result of the construction work will pave the way for growth at the saw factory. Along with expanding the machine park, processes in both saw production and support services are being optimized. The result for customers is that lead times are being reduced. Covering a total area of 6,800 m², the newly enlarged production facility can now produce more than 20,000 meters of saw blades per day.


With its 60 employees, the Arnstadt site manufactures blades for WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting sawing machines, for joineries and mobile saw mills, resawing band and log band saws, as well as for the food industry. 85 % of the factory's blades are exported to over 50 countries – from Europe and the Middle East to Russia, Asia, and the USA.


Dr. Florestan von Boxberg (CEO WINTERSTEIGER AG, right) congratulates Matthias Hengelhaupt (CEO WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH) on the completion of the construction project.

Matthias Hengelhaupt, CEO of WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH, emphasizes the need for the highest level of quality: “Our focus is on producing premium-quality saws and we want to add more value to our products.” Turning to the expansion of the site, he continued: “Our goal is to be the market leader in many of our various product groups. There is still 4000 m2 of land that could also be developed on our premises, so there’s nothing holding us back on that front.”


Mutual growth over decades.

Saw manufacturing has been part of the WINTERSTEIGER group since 2004. The relationship began in the eighties under the company's earlier guise of Banholzer GmbH, who produced saw blades for WINTERSTEIGER frame saw machines. The ability to offer both machine and sawing tool from a single source is still a unique selling point and has enormous quality benefits for the customers.