Fresh, dried motorcycle gear at BMW Motorrad and ADAC

BMW Motorrad and ADAC

Full helmet visors, gloves, boots, jackets, and pants: BMW Motorrad and ADAC supply motorcyclists with the full range of equipment. To ensure all equipment has impeccable hygiene standards for test runs, events, or riding safety training, 14 "Econ Universal" drying lockers have been installed, distributed across 13 ADAC training facilities and the BMW Motorrad fleet in Munich.


These Econ Universal drying systems are a special model and contain space for 4 complete sets of motorcycle gear, including the full helmet visors. The clothing is dried in the locker and also disinfected at the same time. “Motorcyclists should feel comfortable when riding. This includes making sure equipment is clean, smells good, and does not detract in any way from the ride. Previously, we cleaned boots and helmets laboriously with disinfectant spray and had to remove the inner parts to do so. Now the clothing is simply hung in the locker. It is straightforward and any potential unpleasant odors are neutralized,” reports Nadine Statz, responsible for marketing cooperations at BMW Motorrad Germany. 


Always safe on the road.

Beginners or returners like to get a taste of motorcycling before they actively enter traffic. Their own motorcycle gear is then often not (or is no longer) available. Rental gear from BMW Motorrad and the drying lockers from Wintersteiger come into play for these riding safety training courses. The lockers are part of the safety concept: “Coronavirus regulations did not permit the issuing of motorcycle gear and so courses could not be booked for a long time. With the drying lockers, we can finally offer these training sessions again,” explains Nadine Statz.


The disinfection effect works with innovative STEREX plasma technology. A plasma-air mixture is generated in the locker, which has a strong disinfecting effect on surfaces and textiles. Germs and bacteria are reliably eliminated. Disinfection is carried out with hydroxyl radicals without the use of toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals. It presents no risk to health. The disinfection effect of 99.9 % has been certified by an independent testing laboratory.

Hurrah for Econ Universal!

The Econ Universal is very flexible and can be equipped with different drying nozzles according to requirements. It works with energy-saving condensation drying and requires little space, which is often not available in the clothing stores at ADAC and BMW Motorrad. Another advantage is that the drying locker is very easy to use. “Hang up, close, push the button, and empty the container with the condensate. I haven't had any questions so far, which is a good sign,” says Nadine Statz, pleased about the self-explanatory usage. “Drying and cleaning is always a breeze and we are very happy with the devices,” says Ms. Statz.


Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 205 x 120 x 76 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 199 kg
  • Power consumption: 1900 W
  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC 


More information on the drying locker: Econ Universal drying locker (wintersteiger.com)



Econ Universal Trocknungsschrank

Econ Universal Trocknungsschrank

4 komplette Motorrad-Fahrerausstattungen werden im Econ Universal hygienisch getrocknet.

Energiesparende Kondensationstrocknung:

Im Wasserbehälter wird das Kondensat aufgefangen. Durch Umstecken eines Schlauches an der Geräterückseite kann das Kondensat auch direkt in das Abwassersystem geleitet werden.