Good planning is half the battle

Rudi Huber in his new ski rental outlet
© Klemens Klinger

In 2015, Sport Huber in Wagrain tasked architect Erich Pommer with the modernization of the ski rental outlet at the Grafenberg valley station. He was also appointed to design the new 500-m2 sports shop in Grafenberg. “Erich Pommer took on everything from the planning to the implementation and brought several ideas to the table that have proven to work excellently,” says Rudi Huber Jr. enthusiastically about the successful building project.


Clear shop division.


As fashion is becoming increasingly important for the sports retail sector, this trend was given priority. The ski rental outlet with Easystore Flex ski racks is therefore located at the back of the shop. This ensures a clear separation between the fashion, accessories, and rental areas. The rental racks with Optima driers for ski boots and helmets are separated from the sports shop by a wall with two entrances, the ski models being clearly displayed on the wall. This solution means that the customers and the textiles in the shop are not affected by the sounds and smells produced by the drier. At the side of the ski rental outlet is an entranceway to the Hotel Adapura, which will have 500 beds when it opens in December 2019. The ski rental outlet was planned in such a way that even when the hotel is fully booked, everything will still run smoothly.

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