A new beginning after a catastrophic fire

cherz Sport und Bike in DonnersbachwaldWaltraud Scherz with the new Sizefit
©Jens Ellensohn

In July 2020, the Scherz family branch in Donnersbachwald, Riesneralm, burnt to the ground – just two years after it was built. Construction began in September and the sports shop was able to open again as early as December. WINTERSTEIGER assisted Waltraud and Harry Scherz during the 6-month planning and construction phase. Ordered twice in a short period of time, this project is a great example of how WINTERSTEIGER rental products have evolved in a short space of time.


WINTERSTEIGER: The new sports shop looks fantastic! Last time you set upthe entire shop with WINTERSTEIGERproducts,f rom the ski service workshop and the ski depot to the rental and BOOTDOC corner. You could have simply ordered the same equipment again. What did you do differently this time?


Waltraud Scherz: The fire was awful, but luckily no-one was injured. We took the opportunity to make sure the new shop was really well thought-out. For example, we've been able to optimize our rental process, to get people on the slopes faster. The procedure is now a whole lot easier and more convenient

for skiers and employees.


WINTERSTEIGER: How did you manage it?


Waltraud Scherz: We equipped the three binding setting desks with the Sizefit (electromechanical sole) and the caliper for measuring the ski boots. These are great products in times when hygiene is really important. Customers can easily have their own boot measured without having to take it off and the ski binding adjustment is automatic and quick thanks to Sizefit.

We've also upgraded the Easyrent rental software. We've added the Easyrent online check-in and two interfaces for Sport 2000 reservation and advarics for merchandise management. All turnover from the sports shop and food corner is now collected in Easyrent. The Addimat system, well known in the field of gastronomy and integrated in Easyrent, is also very practical. Our employees no longer have to register at the workstation, instead they just have to insert their Addimat key. We have set up payment terminals at the adjustment desks. This means customers don't need to queue again at the cash desk and there are no bottlenecks anywhere.


WINTERSTEIGER: What is even better this time?


Waltraud Scherz: Everything needs to be as efficient as possible. So, this time we have equipped all Easystore Flex rental racks for boots and helmets with dryers, so we no longer need to move the boots around. We can simply switch on the individual compartments and this also optimizes electricity consumption.


WINTERSTEIGER: Your new ski depot is a real highlight. What aspects did you take into consideration here?


Waltraud Scherz: This time we went for the top version of the storage lockers, which are ventilated and heated. The ski depot is equipped with 4- and 2-compartment units and lockers and can be opened with a lift card. We also offer pure depot cards for ski tourers. The ski depot looks great and works very well.


WINTERSTEIGER: One last question: What prompted you to opt for WINTERSTEIGER again?


Waltraud Scherz: Their incredible personal commitment. They kept their promise to assist us throughout the entire planning and setup process.


WINTERSTEIGER: Thank you for talking to us. We wish you every success with this fantastic shop, which has been carefully thought-out right down to the last detail and lovingly set up.