Brand new WINTERSTEIGER Quantum Pro

A particularly exciting summer harvest for Trials Equipment Ltd in the UK, because we were able to demonstrate a brand new WINTERSTEIGER Quantum Pro to 8 different customer sites (and counting) around the UK.


The marathon tour started close to our factory at the start of August, harvesting barley on the gently rolling hills. It wasn’t that warm, around 17 degrees, but it wasn’t a problem in the refined and cosy Quantum cab.

From there, in the second week of August, a trip North near Lincoln, for spring barley in warmer conditions and a slightly hillier landscape.


In the third week of August we continued the tour North, all the way to York on well drained chalky ground to combine wheat. The customer was impressed with the weighing cycle times being achieved.



Wheat harvesting

Wheat harvesting

A few days later the Quantum travelled back down the road a few kilometres which involved hot and dusty conditions before travelling slightly further, again for wheat harvesting. For the final week of August, with temperatures rising to mid-twenties, the Quantum Pro travelled to Suffolk, about 50km North of Trials Equipment Ltd and was put to work. Bringing the travels up to date, the advanced Quantum combine returned to some local customers, the sieves were changed for Linseed harvesting in the first week of September, and then proceeded with some wheat harvesting near Bury St Edmunds.


All these demonstrations proceeded smoothly in front of the customers, the most frequent comments were appreciation of the quiet and refined cab, the easy and well-placed controls, great visibility of the header, and the more than sufficient power for whatever conditions it was presented with.