Finish matters!

Isabella and Gerlinde Brindlinger are proud of their unique grinding process.
© Klemens Klinger

More than 30 years ago, the taxi company "ATL – Autoreisen Taxi Lois" launched the very first ski rental company in the town with 200 pairs of rental skis. The Brindlinger family ski rental store increased in size, machine by machine: The Micro 1 was joined by a waxing device, followed by the Skitronic binding setting device, a Polyjet for base repair and 15 years ago, the first automated ski service machine, a Shuttle. The competition never sleeps, and now Isabella and Gerlinde Brindlinger share the valley station with 2 other ski rental outlets. With first-class quality, the entrepreneurs have built up a loyal clientele and last year, replaced their Shuttle with a Mercury Lsdf. A step they are very happy with.


Stone, Disc, Finish: an innovative machine configuration.


"The Finish module for waxing is very important to our workflow. We had that on the Shuttle and we really wanted to have it again," says Manager Isabella Brindlinger, explaining her decision to opt for a Mercury with a loading unit and 3 Stone, Disc, and Finish processing modules. Mother and daughter devised a "special method" to achieve the best possible waxing results: after processing with the Stone module and the Disc module, they move the ski back again, reduce the machine speed to 8 meters per minute and let it go slowly over the Finish module. "Quality takes absolute priority over quantity! We process the skis after every rental transaction. The skis must be just right, whether they are being used by beginners or advanced skiers. We have a lot of regular customers who appreciate our quality and our ski service gets a lot of compliments." The new Mercury Lsdf has many more benefits for the two entrepreneurs: it's faster, cleaner, grinds sharper edges, and can also process snowboards.