Veloclean bike washing station: indoor, stand-alone, and suitable for e-bikes

From left to right: Workshop Manager Petre Ciocoiu, Operations Manager Stefan Huber, and Mechanic Daniel Junker

bikesale solutions GmbH in Brunnthal


bikesale.de is Germany's leading online platform for used and new premium bikes and e-bikes. All bikes are available both online and in the company's outlet store in Brunnthal near Munich.


Since December 2020, the company has been cleaning used bikes with the Veloclean manual bike washing system. The bikes have to be squeaky clean for resale. Once they have been cleaned, they are photographed, and then put up for sale online. Stefan Huber, head of bike maintenance and cleaning, explains that: “We were looking for an indoor solution. Before the Veloclean, we had to clean the bikes outside, which was especially difficult in winter. The Veloclean is very clean to use and consumes virtually no water. We only need to fill the water tank every six weeks to clean around 15 bikes per day.” Since the Veloclean is a totally stand-alone system, it does not need a water connection or drainage outlet and can therefore be set up anywhere.


Gentle cleaning of all components using low pressure

Stefan Huber considers the biggest benefit to be the gentle cleaning of the e-bikes: “E-bikes account for up to 80% of our sales. The Veloclean enables us to clean the bikes without damaging their sensitive components. This was an issue with the steam cleaner that we used before.” The integrated spray gun, a vaporizing cleaning device, completes the cleaning process using a mixture of water and air at a cleaning pressure of around 4 bar effortlessly and in no time at all. We use the Veloclean to get 15 bikes per day in perfect shape for resale.