CUBUSAN at Tuxer Sporthaus

CUBUSANMark Heim aims to enhance safety in his sports shop with the CUBUSAN.

"Feels like fresh air"


Tuxer Sporthaus and WINTERSTEIGER have been partners for more than 40 years when it comes to products for ski service and ski rental. The store has also been home to the innovative CUBUSAN since March.


The CUBUSAN, a completely new unit that works with plasma technology, reliably eliminates viruses and bacteria in the sports shop. Owner Mark Heim decided to install the active air disinfection unit to enhance safety for customers and staff: "I want to make my customers feel safe and at ease when in our shop. We can do this by neutralizing fungal spores, bacteria, and viruses in the air and on surfaces." The same goes for his employees. "It doesn't give off an aroma and feels just like fresh air. My employees feel much better knowing the unit is doing its work," Heim confirms.

The CUBUSAN for active air disinfection is right above the two check-in terminals for ski equipment rental.

Eye-catching CUBUSAN.

With dimensions of just 19 x 19 x 19 cm and a discreet design, the unit blends in well with the store ambiance but still catches the customer's eye: The cube is mounted immediately above and behind the two terminals for reserving rental equipment. "The light draws attention to the device. Customers are keen to know what the CUBUSAN is and what it can do. When I explain it to them, they're very enthusiastic!" explains Mark Heim.


Operation via the WLAN timer clock is straightforward and Mark Heim definitely intends to purchase another unit: "Anyone who wants healthy indoor air, and to reduce viruses and bacteria should get a CUBUSAN. This product definitely deserves to be promoted!"