Hygienic. Fast. Easy.

BOOTDOC and Easyrent technologies have been combined in a 3D foot scan system as part of an interdepartmental development project. ER_WIN measures the foot automatically, without making any contact. The result is displayed on a 15-inch screen in seconds. The customers can wear their socks during the 2-second scan process thereby ensuring a hygienic, fast, and easy process. During development, the focus was on sturdy construction to withstand the frequent use in ski rental shops. Cameras and sensitive system components are fully integrated into the housing for years of use in the demanding environment. The scanner is the ideal tool for a precise, contactless, and fast rental process, and offers the optimal modern solution for both the customer and the sports retailer.


The scanner is the perfect accompaniment to servicing the customer and ensures that the right ski boots and insoles are quickly found. This results in profitable add on sales not just in winter, but all year round.

Start: the customer must roll up their pants (to expose the ankle) and step on the scanner. The feet should be parallel within the markings. Select the category and gender. Start the scanning process.

The scanning process takes just a moment

The width measurement of the forefoot is displayed

The length measurement is displayed

The instep height measurement is displayed

Overview of results

All results summed up

The following measurement values are displayed:

  • Length in mm (L/R)
  • Width in mm (L/R)
  • Instep height in mm (L/R)
  • Boot-size recommendation (taking into consideration the selected category)
  • Volume assessment (V1, V2, or V3)
  • Width assessment (W1, W2, or W3)
  • Foot-type detection (low, mid, or high arch)
  • The comprehensive recommendation is displayed
  • The measurement values are transferred to Easyrent by scanning the barcode at check-in or by selecting the customer from Easygate

Detailed images and explanations about foot types and foot volume

Digital and connected

Data transfer to Easyrent

Your WINTERSTEIGER area sales manager will be pleased to inform you in detail!