Module Snowboard Vertical

All snowboards in the smallest space.

Depending on space requirements, the holders can be mounted for snowboards with or without bindings. If required, the bindings can be stored in additional matching boxes. The Flex Module Snowboard Vertical can be combined with many other modules of the Easystore Flex storage systems.


  • Boxes or shelves for storing bindings
Some possible combinations:
  • Boxes for snowboard bindings
  • Shelves for storing boots, bindings or helmets
  • Shelves for drying boots or helmets
  • Module Snowboard Vertical for children's snowboards

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  • Adjustable holders for snowboards with or without bindings
  • Self-locking safety latch firmly holds the snowboards

The criteria for choosing the system lengths and heights? To make best use of the available room height and, accordingly, the optimal space requirements. The Easystore Flex storage systems are compatible with the previous WINTERSTEIGER system lengths.

System lengths:

50 cm* (20")
100 cm* (40")
150 cm (59")
170 cm (67")
200 cm (79")
250 cm (98")
300 cm (118")

System heights**:

150 cm (59")
200 cm (79")
240 cm (95")
270 cm* (106")


* Limited selection of modules
** Special heights on request

Model with robust, easy-running rail wheels.

Standard rack-on-rail system or rails with trip guard for safe working.

Model with various castor wheels in different sizes.

Model for wall mounting: the modules can be mounted either directly to the wall or together with the rack's vertical supports.

Model for wall mounting: The modules can be mounted either directly to the wall or together with the rack's vertical supports.

Model with feet.

The specific shape of the shelves for boots and helmets carries the water away from each level to floor.

The optional water pans - which can be additionally equipped with shock - absorbing and sound-resistand rubber mats - collect the water.

WINTERSTEIGER supports you from the planning phase all the way to implementation of your perfect rental and depot facility. An optimal organization - from the arrival of the customer to the issuing of the sports equipment - provides faster turnaround times and makes the work easier.

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