No more studying. School's over. That important piece of paper in your pocket and megabytes of theoretical knowledge from countless lectures and hours of slogging away spinning around inside your head. In other words, high time that you blasted away all that stuff, released all that pent-up knowledge, and unleashed your inner action man. 


Hot tip: You'll encounter simply more opportunities in an internationally active company like WINTERSTEIGER. Not to mention the varied entry and promotion opportunities that we, as a highly diversified company and market leader in three of our four business areas, can offer. 


So here's the deal: Start your professional career with us!

We've got the launch pad for your career

Now that school or college is behind you, it's time to check into an attractive company and launch your career. Why you should choose WINTERSTEIGER from all those companies out there is relatively easy to explain: it's because we can offer you so many different opportunities that will probably open the doors to precisely those professional areas where your interests, talents, and abilities lie. Take your pick!

  • Engineering and Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Quality Management
  • Technical Customer Service
  • Product Management & Sales
  • Purchasing & Logistics
  • IT
  • Accounting, Auditing, HR, Marketing & Law
Young professionals
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