Fully automated service system for skis and snowboards.

V-Edge Tune Pilot Trim Cut Feeding variants Digital solutions Ski recognition and processing assignment

Jupiter Fully automated service system for skis and snowboards.

Fully automated service system for skis and snowboards.

Jupiter Fully automated service system for skis and snowboards.

Fully automated service system for skis and snowboards.

Jupiter – the new king of the ski service universe.


Striving for innovation, always staying one step ahead, anticipating and helping to shape the future – this has distinguished WINTERSTEIGER for decades. With the new generation of Jupiter automated machines, we are taking you on a journey to a new world, where the latest innovative features improve snow sport service. From variable V-Edge tuning technology for the perfect ski experience to the new "Trim Cut" for sidewall planing to speed service, WINTERSTEIGER offers new solutions in the ski service universe. 


Proven, best-in-class features, such as the Ceramic Disc Finish - the most precise and consistent edge available from man or machine - and the "paternoster" – the ski loading magazine that increases throughput compared to any other machine – have been retained or enhanced. 


Come with us and get to know the Jupiter. Combining the newest technology with refined, improved features leads to a whole new world of ski servicing!

Jupiter – the new king of the ski service universe.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is considered the king of the planets. And while the planet may be the biggest, with the Jupiter automated ski service machines, there is a size for every need. This modular machine has been developed for the entire spectrum of requirements, from small entry-level service systems to maximum throughput in the fastest time, and all requirements in between.


Of course, the machine can be fully customized with a unique series of configuration options according to your needs. To start, you can combine 5 different processing modules, choose from 3 feeding options, as well as 3 application levels depending on your requirements.

With many other equipment possibilities and options, every machine becomes a unique, customized unit! New technologies played a major role in the machine development. The result? The Jupiter can read codes on the ski and recognize ski categories, compare data with the Easyrent rental software, and communicate with the WINTERSTEIGER Cloud. From the Cloud, data such as throughput rates or material consumption can be analyzed via a dashboard and accessed on various end devices.

With the Jupiter, WINTERSTEIGER has taken a major step forwards in development – a machine with unprecedented possibilities, a further milestone in ski service.

Your benefits summed up:

Completely individual machine configuration

  • 5 different processing modules
  • Highest throughput rate of more than 70 pairs of skis an hour
  • 3 application levels for growing demands: Universal, Performance, Race

Optimum ski handling

  • 3 feeding variants: Paternoster (X), loading unit (L), manual (M)
  • Each feed option is also available in an extended race version for longer racing skis
  • Suction-less ski transport with 9 or up to 11 cylinders (Race) per ski for perfect grinding right to the tip

Perfect edge preparation

  • V-Edge: Precision, variable edge angles for both base and side edges
  • Automated sidewall removal (Trim Cut) for optimum Ceramic Disc side edge tuning
  • Individual edge preparation according to the ski classification, which is read from a barcode or QR code on the ski

Individual base preparation

  • Structure recommendation depending on snow conditions
  • Precise balancing directly on the machine
  • 3D structures for all racing requirements

Digital solutions

  • Online connection to the machine and connection to the Easyrent rental software
  • Automatic ski recognition and processing assignment
  • Cloud-based dashboard for monitoring and analyzing machine, usage, and consumption parameters


Variable V-Edge tuning technology.

V-Edge® Variable Kantengeometrie


Variable V-Edge tuning technology.

The best edge tuning improved!

The edge is ground with variable angles in the tip and tail areas, and at a constant angle underfoot – on both the base edge and side edge. V-Edge works with the three performance categories that are also provided in the Tune Pilot, to provide tried and tested parameters efficiently and, optionally, with automatic ski recognition. Perfect edge grip and easy turning of the ski are combined for the ultimate skiing experience. V-Edge is available for both the disc module and the polishing module.


With the "automatic ski recognition" option, changes to the edge angles in V-Edge mode take place fully automatically. The edge angles are variable along the ski length. Underfoot the skis have a dynamic edge angle for optimum grip and guidance on hard artificial snow and ice. The edge angle is greater in the tip and tail for easy control and movement in the turns. In addition to the entirely new skiing experience, this also significantly enhances safety.


Precise, variable edge grinding takes place on the base and side edges, entirely independent of ski length and width, and based either on the predefined and tested parameters or on-the-fly, which can then be saved in Easyrent.


One V-Edge for 2 modules: V-Edge Disc (optional) also controls the Polishing module – without added investment!

3 application levels


  • For medium-sized service companies
  • Throughput rates of up to around 10,000 pairs of skis per year and more, and high quality standards
  • Universal application in both rental and customer service
  • Various options and upgrades


  • For major service companies and for the highest demands
  • For very high throughput rates and high expectations for service and up-time
  • High throughput and outstanding reliability
  • Additional options for top performance

Race (3D)

  • For the highest precision and quality demands
  • For maximum ski lengths
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of individual programming
  • Further options especially for racing

Tune Pilot

For the optimum structure.

Tune Pilot Struktur

With the new Tune Pilot, you can easily cand quickly select the ideal base structure regardless of changing snow conditions. At the touch of a button, you can choose from predefined structure patterns whether the snow is dry, moist, or wet, and the Jupiter grinds the fastest, most predictable ski based on predefined, tested parameters.

Three performance levels.

Depending on the machine configuration or chosen option, the Tune Pilot offers 3 performance levels:

Proven structures such as linear, cross, arc, predefined for the 3 snow categories


Set of extended structures, predefined for the 3 snow categories

Race (3D):
Three-dimensional structure patterns for endless structure possibilities

Special structures:
A variety of further structure patterns can be ground with the optional structure package.

For the best edge.

Weekend warrior, racer, or beginner? Skis require different edge preparation for different demands. The ski manufacturers do this in the factory too. Three different categories and edge angle parameters are defined in the Tune Pilot (Comfort, Sport, Race). At the touch of a button you can call up the appropriate category and the machine precisely applies the perfect angles without time spent trying to reprogram.

Adjustment of the edge parameters: quick and simple.
Tailored edge tuning and setting the edge parameters (side edge and base edge angle) are extremely simple. The Tune Pilot guides you to the best edge without losing time, without complicated adjustments, and with repeatable accuracy. Three performance categories have been predefined in the Tune Pilot and every ski can be assigned to one of these categories:


  • For easy control and turning, assured edge grip, and effortless skiing
  • Application: On the slope at moderate speed, all-mountain, freeskiing



  • For variable control during turns, powerful edge grip, and agile skiing
  • Application: Universal use under all conditions, on the slope or all-mountain



  • For direct control, aggressive edge grip, dynamic skiing
  • Application: High speed, long and short turns, primarily on-piste

Trim Cut

Automated sidewall removal.

Trim Cut

With Trim Cut for automated sidewall removal, WINTERSTEIGER has achieved a total innovation! Trim Cut for safely cutting the sidewall is integrated in the first stone module and is automatically activated during the process. This ensures maximum efficiency in the subsequent edge tuning. But why is this pretreatment necessary? Protruding sidewall can negatively impact side edge tuning. Trim Cut eliminates the need for manual removal of the sidewall. This process protects the grinding discs and forms the basis for the high-precision edge grinding.

Your benefits summed up:

  • Time saving due to automatic and clean removal of the sidewall material
  • More efficient use of the Disc module due to recessed sidewall
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • For processing all sidewall materials
  • Automatic chip removal with water cooling

Individuality and automation – finally a possibility!

Every sports retailer has different preferences when it comes to efficiency or quality, which often leads to focusing on a specific technical feature. Jupiter satisfies every wish with a machine concept that offers maximum flexibility, ensuring your expectations are met every time – without compromise!


Throughput rate: up to 70+ pairs of skis an hour

  • Even more efficient stone and disc finishing
  • Maximization of throughput: combine up to 8 modules


5 processing modules:

The sequence and number of modules can be flexibly combined:

1. Belt / b


Innovation: Trim Cut for automated sidewall removal


2. Grinding stone / s


3. Disc / d


4. Polishing / p


5. Finishing / f


3 feeding variants.

Paternoster X

The most efficient feeding system on the market


  • The original from WINTERSTEIGER, perfected over years, and still faster than any other loading system on the market.
  • Ski magazine with capacity for 16 skis in a very small space
  • Operator has their hands free and time for other service work
  • Quality control at a glance: the base of the ski faces upwards after the service

Automatic loading station L

  • Prepare the ski while the machine grinds
  • Ski output onto lower unloading station
  • Proven value for middle-volume operations

Manual feeding M

  • The affordable entry-level variant
  • Loading in pairs results in an impressive throughput
  • Simple and proven system

Extended race version:

Each of the 3 feeding variants is also available in an extended race version for racing skis:


  • Ski lengths up to 240 cm can be ground
  • Feeding of skis up to 220 cm (X and L) takes place fully automatically
  • The "must-have" for the race service

Suction-less ski transport

compatible with varying ski lengths.

WINTERSTEIGER has been working with a non-vacuum reliant feeding system for more than 15 years and has perfected this technology. Nine feed cylinders ensure the safe transport of each ski and guarantee the precise tuning of the base and edge right to the ski tip.

Even higher throughput:
In parallel grinding mode, all base grinding can be carried out in pairs.


Your benefits summed up:

  • No presorting according to ski length is required
  • Ski or snowboard lengths and ski widths are automatically detected and control the placement of the feed cylinders
  • Flexible feed cylinders adapt to the ski surface and ensure even tuning of the base
  • No user input or corrections required

The stone width of 350 mm makes it possible to process all skis and snowboards. The stone width is fully utilized, thanks to the unique stone oscillation. The dressing and stone change intervals are extended, which saves time and money.

More power.
The increased stone diameter ensures more consistent structures, increased material removal, and fewer dressing cycles.


Feeder change.
Two different structures can be applied to the grinding stone on up to two stone modules (e.g., for rough and fine grinding). This feeder change function allows for multiple structure possibilities that were previously unattainable.


Special mode – perfection tip to tail.
Structural advantage: In special mode, the structure is ground right to the tip with ultimate precision.


3D structures (optional).
The diamond feed is equipped with a servo motor and a high-precision slide which allows full NC dual-axis control. This opens up new and unique possi­bilities:


  • Grinding of high-precision racing structures
  • Grinding of 3D structure patterns, concave or convex structures
  • Grinding of superimposed micro and macro structures
  • Fast, automatic forward and reverse advance of the diamond during a grinding stone or diamond change
  • Automatic measuring of the diamond against the grinding stone


Stone cover – keeps things clean and tidy.

The stone cover is closed during the dressing process and the surrounding area remains clean.

Your benefits summed up:


  • Stone oscillation enables extended dressing intervals
  • Precise grinding right to the tip due to improved stone range of motion.
  • Highly effective thanks to feeder change: pregrinding and structuring on one grinding stone (optional)
  • Parallel grinding: both skis can be processed simultaneously (optional)
  • Enclosed grinding area with stone cover during dressing (optional)
  • Performance or racing packages mean nearly infinite structure possibilities (optional)

State-of-the-art Ceramic Disc grinding.
The unique Ceramic Disc Finish technology grinds high precision edges – from the first ski to the last. Perfected by WINTERSTEIGER for 25 years, it is now firmly established and "state of the art" in ski production, racing, and ski service.



Two paths lead to one destination!

Jupiter offers 2 options for adjusting edge angles:


Manual angle adjustment.
With the aid of an angle adjustment pin, 7 different angle combinations (side and base edge) can be selected easily and precisely, and ground with reproducible accuracy.


Digital angle adjustment at the touch of a button.
With digital NC angle adjustment, the edge angles are infinitely variable. The skis are ground at constant angles over the entire length of the ski. The edge angle is electronically set at the touch of a button. The entire process is fully automatic with the "automatic ski recognition" option.

Options and functionality for the highest demands.

Tailored edge tuning and setting of the edge parameters (side edge and base edge angle) are both extremely simple. The TunePilot guides you to the best edge without losing time, without complicated adjustments, and with repeatable accuracy. Three performance categories have been predefined in the Tune Pilot and every ski can be assigned to one of these categories:


  • Conical retainer
    Even higher precision due to the conical retainer for the grinding disks
  • Disc cleaning
    Cleaning and truing of grinding disks with the dressing function (optional)
  • Balancing capability
    As with the stone module, the grinding disks can be balanced if the need arises (optional)
  • Soft start
    Apply the stopped grinding disc to the ski (optional)

Your benefits summed up:


  • The perfect combination: one module for side and base edge grinding
  • Precise edge geometry, exact edge angles, flat surface, high repeatability – all this from the tip to the tail of the ski
  • Self-sharpening grinding disks for uniform material removal and a consistent grinding pattern throughout the entire service life
  • Quick and easy angle adjustment
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to 7 different angle combinations or an endless number of individual, electronic angle combinations.

Produce an edge that is perfectly polished!
Precisely tailored to the disc module, the polishing module gives the base edge the final finish. The result is a visibly and physically perfect edge without any need for additional finishing.

Manual angle adjustment.
With a practical adjustment pin, the polishing module offers a wide range of angle options, which are adapted to the disc module and can be easily adjusted.

Digital angle adjustment (optional).
The convenient electronic angle adjustment is perfectly synchronized with the disc module.

Balancing capability (optional).
As with the stone and disc modules, the polishing discs can be balanced in place if the need arises. This ensures a perfect edge finish every time, even under the most demanding conditions.

Your benefits summed up:


  • Final polish for the perfect base edge, the ideal complement to the disc module
  • Perfectly polished from tip to tail
  • Partial or complete polishing
  • Visually outstanding result, leaves nothing to be desired

The right finish matters!
The finishing module delivers a ready-for-use ski. Sophisticated wheel technology supports uniform wax application to any ski or snowboard. The oscillating waxing wheel improves the waxing results and helps wax to penetrate the base.


The waxing wheel heats rapidly and economically, thus ensuring that the module is ready for use quickly. The precise temperature control ensures consistent quality.


The finishing module tunes skis and snowboards in 3 steps. The process starts with hot waxing and is followed by pre-polishing and then fine polishing. Excess wax is removed and the tuned structure revealed. This eliminates time-consuming finishing afterwards.


An even better wax result is achieved with infrared temperature control.

Your benefits summed up:


  • Tried and tested system
  • Wax quantity is precisely controlled
  • Oscillating waxing wheel for improved results
  • Waxing and double polishing for a perfect finish

The duo: belt and stone.
The belt module ideally complements the stone module. If pregrinding is required, the belt provides an efficient workflow in the service workshop. This helps you achieve a higher throughput, especially with customer skis.
Servo-pneumatic grinding pressure control ensures consistent material removal and optimum preparation for stone grinding. The belt module is also perfectly suited for tuning snowboards.


During snowboard tuning, the feed cylinders can alternately apply increased pressure to the left or right side of the board, on either the stone or belt module. allowing even untrue boards to be optimally ground.

Various functionalities are included in the equipment packages depending on the machine configuration, or are available as additional options.

Your benefits summed up:


  • Ideally complements the stone module
  • Greater efficiency for customer skis and snowboards
  • Precise tuning to even the longest of tips
  • Various contact wheels are available to ensure an optimum match with skis and snowboards, thus supporting a large range of applications
  • Oscillating abrasive belts for longer change intervals
  • Automatic belt dressing for immediate readiness for use after a belt change

Individual design

Perfectly customized to every requirement.

The Jupiter proves its diversity not only in terms of technology and equipment, but also visually: 3 different design packages are available to choose from and offer plenty of design freedom.

Standard Design:

Functional and timeless

Advanced Design:

The ideal combination of design and function

Top Class Design:

A visual highlight, modern and trend-setting. Ideal for workshops that wish to highlight their commitment to, and investment in, the best tuning machinery for the finest results.

Digital solutions:

Ready for the future

Digitale Lösungen

With digital solutions, the Jupiter takes on additional tasks. It compares data with the Easyrent rental software and makes data available on a smartphone, tablet, or PC via the Cloud, automatically recognizes the ski, and activates the appropriate or saved grinding parameters.


Online connection to the machine and connection to the Easyrent rental software.
Easyrent is able to store ski-specific data and parameters (dimensions, ski category, etc.). When the ski enters the machine, the Easyrent EAN code on the ski is automatically scanned and the ski is tuned according to the predetermined, stored parameters. The recorded ski and grinding parameters, are archived in Easyrent to be precisely reproduced at the next service.

Support via remote service.
The Jupiter is ideally equipped with remote service, which means the Technical Customer Service department has direct access to the machine via an online connection and can detect errors at an early stage, rectify faults, and make maintenance recommendations based on machine usage.

Dashboard for monitoring and analyzing machine data.
The clearly arranged "dashboard" or evaluation menu is available directly on the machine. Thanks to the Cloud connection, the machine data are stored there and can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. With the dashboard, you can monitor and analyze machine, usage, and consumption parameters.

All data at a glance:


  • Evaluations of services per day, week, month, etc.
  • Display of wear status of consumables and statistics
  • Application-specific care instructions
  • Usage analysis of one or more machines
  • Plus additional analytics and capabilities

Ski recognition and processing assignment.


With the "automatic ski recognition (Jupiter X)" option, the edge angles are set fully automatically on the machine and the skis are tuned according to the selected performance category. In the Jupiter M/L machine version, a hand-held scanner is used for ski recognition

Skierkennug mit Easyrent Anbindung.

Ski recognition with Easyrent connection.

  • Every ski stored in the Easyrent database is equipped with an EAN code.
  • In Easyrent, the skis are assigned to a category (Comfort, Sport, Race), either by importing the equipment data of the ski manufacturer or through assignment in the database.
  • The Jupiter reads the EAN code and the base and edges are perfectly ground depending on the category.
  • Individually changed edge parameters are stored in Easyrent and are therefore precisely reproducible. Every ski is unique!
Skierkennung ohne Easyrent Anbindung.

Ski recognition without Easyrent connection.

  • Each ski is labeled with a durable QR code sticker, with a unique code for each of the 3 categories Comfort, Sport, and Race.
  • The Jupiter reads the QR code and the edges are perfectly ground depending on the category.

More efficient and economical operation.

intuitive Benutzerführung.

Sophisticated visualization, intuitive user guidance.

The 21.5" multi-touch monitor (16:9 format) is state-of-the-art with Mappview technology. The proven, intuitive, and logical user interface has been further improved. Operating graphics and visualization of the program sequences are even more clearly arranged. Operation is individually tailored, from beginner to expert – depending on the chosen machine equipment and options.

intuitive Benutzerführung.

New service concept for greater maintenance efficiency.

The new service concept is based on the throughput capacity of the machine and wearing parts are replaced according to the actual degree of wear. Various service levels are available, ranging from partial to full coverage of all operations to contingency insurance and new services (e.g., balancing the grinding stone).

Clean, low-noise working environment.

The Jupiter's closed working system ensures a clean working environment in the service workshop. The machine produces very little noise while in operation and is the quietest on the market. It offers the greatest possible safety for the operator and optimum ergonomics thanks to comfortable control and grip heights. No water mist forms, the synthetic grinding coolants provide additional operator protection. The pleasant working environment enhances the well-being and motivation of the employees – even under heavy workloads.

Customized high throughput.

With the Jupiter, you can achieve throughput rates of more than 70 pairs of skis per hour. By selecting 5 different processing modules in a flexible sequence and stringing together 2 – 8 modules with 3 different feeding options, we can configure the optimum machine for your needs in terms of quality, performance, throughput and space. Without compromise!

Water and filter system for a perfect result.

Three different tank sizes are available, depending on the machine configuration. The filter system ensures clean water and prevents machine downtimes. Additionally, all tank sizes can be equipped with automatic filter. With the mobile waste container, the disposal of residual waste is practical and easy.

Wasser- und Filtersystem

300/400 l tank without automatic filter

Wasser- und Filtersystem

300/400 l tank with automatic filter

Wasser- und Filtersystem

600 l tank with automatic filter

Additional options:

  • Pump with frequency converter for maximum water pressure during dressing for optimum stone cleaning
  • Double cartridge filter for machines with high throughput: easy switching between 2 cartridges during grinding prevents time losses when cleaning the filter cartridge.
  • Grinding water cooling: a constant temperature ensures consistent conditions throughout the day, enabling you to meet the highest quality requirements.
Wasser- und Filtersystem

We are here for you!

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

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