Once again Veno turns to complete solutions from WINTERSTEIGER & VAP

Veno Mitarbeiter Mike Merliyn Veno employee Mike Merliyn next to the TRC 1500 system for the fully-automatic repair of wood surfaces: User-friendly operation, precise results, and speed are some of the main advantages of this system for Veno.

"Veno Wood Flooring" is known for its high-quality "Made in Holland" oak flooring. The company has been working with WINTERSTEIGER machines for 5 years and now has 2 DSB Twinhead NG XM thin-cutting band saws with a total of 4 saw modules, 2 DSB Compact XM thin-cutting band saws, and a TRC 1500 system for fully-automatic repair of wood surfaces. 40 employees use this to produce 500,000 m2 of oak flooring with 3, 4, and 5 mm top layers per year. As the company was highly satisfied with the machines and service from WINTERSTEIGER, Veno recently decided to order the newly developed TRC 1550 Organic system, based on non-thermoplastic filling material, as an addition to its existing TRC 1500 system, based on thermoplastic filling material. The TRC systems are developed by "VAP Gruber Automations GmbH", a member of the WINTERSTEIGER group.


Already in operation: TRC 1500.

Veno owner Hielke Oosten commented on the purchase of the first TRC system for the fully-automatic repair of defects: "One of the reasons why we invested in the TRC system was that we really trust WINTERSTEIGER machines. One major advantage is that with the TRC 1500, we can continue to process the wooden slats right after filling. All the other providers require 12 to 24 hours of drying time." The injection head carries out 1.5 million injections before it needs servicing. The TRC 1500 can repair 700 m2 in 1.5 work shifts.


The injection head of the TRC 1500 works in tandem with an application unit, significantly increasing capacity. It uses an application unit with special application system to fill smaller defects with filling material, which is then subsequently rolled in. Larger defects are repaired by the injection head. This results in an excellent price/performance ratio.


Order placed: TRC 1550 Organic with non-thermoplastic filling material.

As the company had had such positive experiences, Veno decided to opt for WINTERSTEIGER again and order the TRC 1550 Organic – the evolution of the TRC 1500. This machine works with non-thermoplastic filling material and can be used universally. It was important to Hielke Oosten that they stuck with one solution provider. "WINTERSTEIGER customer and after-sales service is unbeatable and we always look forward to a new machine!" says Oosten.

In focus: User friendliness, precision, and speed.

For Veno, user friendliness, precision, and speed were top of the list for the new machine's characteristics. When working manually, it was not possible to adjust the pressure during filling to ensure optimum filling of knotholes. Veno uses the TRC 1500 to process 30 % of the wood floorboards. The company is expecting that the new TRC 1550 Organic with non-thermoplastic filling material will increase performance, so that TRC systems can be used to cover almost 100 % of the demand.


Oosten is optimistic about the future: "Our philosophy is quality at affordable prices. We are expecting the market for wood flooring to grow, as it is a natural product. We are an important market player in Holland, however on a global scale, we do not yet have quite as good a presence. It is important for us to maintain a healthy market share. Thanks to the machines from WINTERSTEIGER, we are efficient, at the cutting edge of technology, and ready for the future."