Demand for ecological material: Veno responds with TRC 1550 Organic

Employees Folkert Hoogland and Jan Willem Mendel in front of the new TRC 1550 Organic with mineral filler
© Veno

The Dutch "Veno Wood Flooring" in Drachten saws with WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting bandsaw machines and uses the fully automatic TRC 1500 for wood repair. Brand new in production is the TRC 1550 Organic with non-thermoplastic filler material.


The demand for environmentally friendly products is high and more and more parquet flooring manufacturers are also using ecological materials for wood repair. "80 % of our customers are currently asking for an organic filler. TRC 1550 Organic allows us to meet this demand. We offer our customers a choice, and the end product remains consistent in terms of quality," says Mike Merlijn, production manager at Veno, explaining the investment in the additional equipment for the automatic filling of defects in wood.


The TRC 1550 Organic works with a mineral filler made of limestone and talc. The water-based one-component material was specially developed to meet the requirements of machine processing and is suitable for all common processing methods and surface coatings in parquet production. The filler is offered in 8 standard colors, individual color matching is also possible.


A big step forward.

At Veno, the experience with the new TRC 1550 Organic is very good: "The machine runs in two shifts and, depending on the material, we process 65-70 % of our products with it. The rest we manage with the TRC 1500," says Mike Merlijn. The production manager is very satisfied with the performance and the quality of the repaired raw-boards. A clear advantage is that the raw parquet boards can be processed immediately after filling.


The TRC 1550 Organic is also technically top. "We appreciate the easy operation and the quick changeover to another product width. In addition, the maintenance effort is very low. Technically, this machine is very well set up, you can tell by the very few malfunctions," Merlijn is pleased and adds, "Compared to before, where we filled manually, we have made a big step forward with the TRC technology in terms of speed and quality."

"Veno Wood Flooring is known for high quality oak floors "made in Holland".

The company has been working with WINTERSTEIGER machines for 6 years and, in addition to the TRC 1550, also works with 2 DSB Twinhead NG XM thin-cutting band saws with a total of 4 sawing modules, 2 DSB Compact XM thin-cutting band saws and a TRC 1500 system for the fully automatic repair of wooden surfaces. 40 employees produce 500,000 m2 of oak planks with a top layer of 3, 4 and 5 mm per year.