Classic plot combine for fine seeds

The WINTERSTEIGER Classic has for many years been the tried-and-tested, universally flexible, and best-selling plot combine for mix free harvest of research plots. In addition to plot harvesting, the Classic and its companion, the stationary Classic ST, are also ideal for harvesting seed increases. These include sugar beet seeds and vegetable seeds such as celery, parsley, dill, and carrots. These seeds are extremely small, so harvesting them is a particular challenge in terms of seed purity and machine cleaning.


WINTERSTEIGER has further optimized the Classic and Classic ST precisely for these specialized applications, resulting in a "clean harvester". Many detailed solutions prevent even individual seeds from remaining in the machine. The concave, shakers, and sieves can be removed in just a few steps. Cleaning between different batches is significantly faster and easier thanks to simplified access, additional cleaning openings, interior lighting, and cleaning aids.


This year two customers from Germany and Spain used the "clean harvester" for harvesting with the Classic or Classic ST and their verdict is very positive:



Michael Trautwein, Hild-Samen GmbH, Germany:


“HILD-Samen has been using the Classic ST stationary thresher since June 2017. The design of the clean harvester version reflects our needs in that it satisfies our requirements for seed purity – even in challenging crops such as celery – and threshing performance.


HILD-Bayer works to stringent user safety standards, and WINTERSTEIGER has translated these demanding rules into practical solutions. During acceptance testing of the machine by the safety officer from the trade association, the technical safety measures were praised as exemplary and innovative.


The collaboration with the sales and development department at WINTERSTEIGER was excellent. Throughout the project we were always confident that our seed purity, threshing performance, and user safety requirements would be implemented on time.”

Fernando Nevares, Station Manager bei KWS Semillas Ibérica S.L.U, Spain:


“KWS is a world leading producer of sugar beet seeds. For multiplication and selection of the best varieties we need a small mix-free plot combine.


On our request, WINTERSTEIGER AG has tested and modified their Classic plot combine for sugar beet seeds to our full satisfaction. This machine gives us a huge improvement in threshing performance and seed purity.


We are looking forward to the next harvesting season. For any special demands on researchequipment, we will again contact WINTERSTEIGER AG.”