Passionate about ski grinding

Junior manager Daniel Schwarz is enthusiastic about the new Mercury
© Klemens Klinger

The Sport-Alm was located at the home of company founder Peter Schwarz's parents for 40 years. In 2019, he and his sons Daniel and Sebastian decided to build a new 3-story sports shop at the ski slope. At the same time, they took the decision to switch to WINTERSTEIGER machines, and to invest in the Mercury Lsdp automated ski service machine. Junior manager Daniel Schwarz told us about his first season with the Mercury.


WINTERSTEIGER: You opted for WINTERSTEIGER when you set up your new ski rental store. You have a new Mercury Lsdp in your workshop with a loading unit and 3 Stone, Disc, and Polishing processing modules. What was your motivation?


Daniel Schwarz: I was persuaded by the high grinding accuracy of the WINTERSTEIGER machine, both for the base structures and for the edge geometry. I used to take part in ski races myself, and the Disc module is brilliant. The accuracy of disc adjustment in the machine is evident from the grinding result. Our focus is on quality, and we have earned an excellent reputation. Customers come to us from as far away as Lechtal. Even rental skis are beautifully prepared, but we process customer skis just like world cup skis. This is a complex task, but customers sometimes demand very high-quality finishes.


WINTERSTEIGER: What other advantages do you see in the machine?


Daniel Schwarz: The machine is versatile and capable of meeting every requirement, whether rental skis, customer skis, or racing skis. The machine is easy to operate and the adjustment options are very clear - a distinct advantage as far as employees are concerned. Temporary staff can also work with the Mercury, because skis are ready at the touch of a button. What's more, because the skis are clamped with cylinders, we can grind all skis, whatever their surface. 


WINTERSTEIGER: How satisfied are you with the machine configuration?


Daniel Schwarz: The process is perfect. We put a ski into the loading unit, and because the grinding stone is shared, far fewer grinding paths are required. Franz Hartl (WINTERSTEIGER) gave us very good advice, the machine is a perfect fit, as far as we are concerned. 


WINTERSTEIGER: How about commissioning and service?


Daniel Schwarz: The machine was already prepared with grinding programs in Ried, and then we got together with Stefan Kleinlercher (WINTERSTEIGER) to adapt it. Stefan is himself a skier, you can see that. If we have a question, we can call and get immediate, high-quality assistance, as we did once on a Friday evening at 8 pm. We were able to sort everything over the phone and carry on grinding. WINTERSTEIGER service is phenomenal!


WINTERSTEIGER: Thank you very much for this fascinating insight!