Quite possibly our best friend

Managing Director Michael Amprosi and Luise, the "new best friend"
© Klemens Klinger

"Luise" is the name the 10-member Feel Free team has given the new Discovery sdp with its 3 Stone, Disc, and Polishing modules. The reason for the friendship: the automated ski service machine – the work used to be done by hand – makes the working day at the mountain station much easier for the ski rental store. Because literally every minute counts here. The shop is already buzzing at 08:30 in the morning, and the last gondola goes down into the valley at 5:00 pm. Around 4,000 skiers are on the move in the ski resort and if there is a problem with a ski, customers do not go down into the valley – their skis are processed within 15 minutes at Feel Free. One of the reasons why everything runs so smoothly is the "Paternoster" ski magazine, that can be loaded with 16 skis. Launched on the market with the Discovery in 2005, it is still a unique selling point for WINTERSTEIGER.


Only from WINTERSTEIGER: the "Paternoster" ski magazine.


The "Paternoster" ski magazine was the key factor in deciding to switch machine supplier and automate the workshop with a WINTERSTEIGER machine. "The Paternoster is only available from WINTERSTEIGER and we were desperate to have it, because of the flexibility it gives us," says CEO Michael Amprosi. "Our time is limited, and the machine has to keep going. In the past, we always had to have 3 people in the workshop, now just one can do the job. Once the skis are put into the ski magazine, you can get back to work. That means I have at least 2 extra staff in the ski rental store," explains Michael Amprosi.


The Polishing module is also very important to him: "Polishing produces fantastic results matched with perfect quality, and customers are extremely satisfied." He is also very happy with the support offered by WINTERSTEIGER. "Although the machine is very complex, the service technicians answer all questions expertly over the phone so that the machine runs as it should. This is impressive and a major benefit of WINTERSTEIGER. We also really appreciate being able to get support at weekends."