Quantum technology topic: Optimized cab for ideal working conditions

Quantum cab for ideal working conditions

The WINTERSTEIGER Quantum is characterized by the excellent design of the cab, cockpit and controls, which are clearly oriented to the users' needs. This makes using the machine for harvesting considerably less stressful, significantly reduces factors that lead to tiring and helps to keep up concentration levels, even at the end of a long day's harvest. The Quantum sets standards that previous plot combines have been unable to offer.


Keeps stress at bay

  • Clear-cut space concept: The driver's seat is slightly off-center and thus ergonomic with respect to the controls. The second operator has the space needed to work comfortably.
  • Noise reduction: The cab is certified for a noise level inside the cab of just 76 DB(A). This is achieved by the curved windows, decoupled mounting on the cushioning elements, and a damping floor covering.
  • Maximum safety: The cab is built in accordance with EN 13531, TOPS tested and certified.
  • Pleasant climate: The cab boasts best-in-class cooling even at high outdoor temperatures, thanks to its powerful air-conditioning system with a cooling output of 8 kW.
  • Stress-free seating positions: The Quantum has comfortable ergonomic seats for the driver and operator that are also available as air ride seats.
  • Dust-free: Dust is kept out, as the sampling system is sealed off.

Revolves around the driver's needs

  • The height and tilt of the steering column are adjustable.
  • Safe handling: The multi-function lever is built into the armrest and moves with the driver's seat.
  • All the harvesting mode functions are triggered from the multi-function lever:
    - Ground drive forward/reverse
    - Lifting/lowering the header
    - Raising/lowering the reel
    - Reel speed control
    - Header quick stop
    - Activating the differential lock / 4 WD drive system (option)
    - Switching between the fast and slow ground speeds
    - Moving the reel forwards/backwards or opening/closing the picker bars
    - Starting sequence control
  • All the other controls and functional elements are ergonomically located on the operating panel.

Enables you to keep track of everything at a glance

  • State-of-the-art and intuitive visualization of all the machine parameters on a single color screen
  • Intuitive menu navigation through function keys
  • Integrated USB interface
  • Many useful additional harvest features (e.g., the ability to couple the reel speed with the harvesting speed)
  • Other additional features, such as cruise control and a refueling countdown timer
  • If a rear-view camera (option) is installed, the camera image is automatically displayed when the reverse gear is selected.
  • Semi- or fully automated processes for optimized plot-to-plot sequence control:
    - Stopping the machine between plots
    - Automatic pneumatic cleaning of  the header
    - Automatic raising of the header and lowering of the reel
    - Automatic opening of the sieve (option) and cleaning blower ramp-up
    - Starting the weighing and sampling cycle
    - Restarting the machine
  • Best possible overview of the current sequence status