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WINTERSTEIGER combines 5 product areas for the timber industry under the umbrella term "World of WOODTECH": Precise thin-cutting and surface repair of wood, saw blades engineered and produced in-house, mobile and stationary sawmill technology, automation solutions, as well as cutting solutions for a range of materials including lightweight materials.


WINTERSTEIGER is known for its state-of-art thin-cutting technology, which is used in lamella production throughout the world. The product range includes thin-cutting frame saws and thin-cutting band saws, including upstream and downstream processing. The thin kerf, highest accuracy, a ready-to-glue surface, and processing the lamellas without additional steps are key benefits for users. TRC ("Timber Repair & Cosmetics") machines for semi- and fully automatic wood surface repair complement this product area.

WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH develops and produces carbide and Stellite® saw blades and offers saw services such as cleaning, straightening, leveling, and sharpening.


With the acquisition of SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH in January 2019, mobile and stationary sawmills were also added to the WINTERSTEIGER product portfolio.


VAP-WINTERSTEIGER (part of the WINTERSTEIGER Group since 2012, "VAP Gruber Automations GmbH" until 2021) realizes automation solutions from fully automatic woodworking machines through to the optimization of production by means of customer-specific automation solutions.


WINTERSTEIGER has been the majority shareholder in German company Heermann Maschinenbau GmbH since 2022. HEMA designs complete, innovative, and tailored saw and cutting systems for a wide range of materials.

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