Timber Repair & Cosmetics.

The umbrella term TRC stands for „timber cosmetics“ with unprecedented quality and enormous production efficiency. Whether it‘s semi-automatic or fully automatic, WINTERSTEIGER is always able to offer the perfect solution when it comes to timber cosmetics or repairing defects.

Our subsidiary VAP-WINTERSTEIGER offers vast automation expertise. We develop customized systems to meet your requirements.

Before repair:

After repair:

Your benefits summed up:

  • Save valuable personnel ­resources
  • Crafting skills are no longer required
  • Defects around the edges of the component can be ­repaired automatically
  • Significantly fewer rejects thanks to perfect repair
  • One pass is sufficient to repair even large defects
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to enormous know-how
  • Multi-color repairs on a single component is possible
  • The material holds well due to a special injection process
  • The filling material is ­harmless to both humans and the ­environment
  • Years of experience working with wood surfaces


Detect – Clean – Repair.

The Timber Repair & Cosmetics range comprises systems for detecting, cleaning, and filling defects in the top layer of wood products. WINTERSTEIGER uses thermoplastic or organic filling material or real wood inserts.


The TRC systems from WINTERSTEIGER cover the entire process chain – so you receive everything from a one stop supplier!

Product portfolio.

Our customers‘ products are as individual as the systems used to produce them. Which is why WINTERSTEIGER offers the right solution for all products in all sectors. Our TRC product portfolio provides the right solution for any requirement – from engineered flooring to formwork panels, small to industrial enterprises, manual feeding to full automation. 


  • Engineered wood flooring 
  • Solid wood flooring
  • Solid wood boards
  • Multilayer boards
  • Plywood
  • Formwork panels
  • Glulam panels
  • Furniture panels 
  • Finished lumber
  • Window scantlings
  • etc.

Filling material.

The right solution for every requirement.

Filling material.

The right solution for every requirement.

Detection with „Faulty Spot Eye“.

The WINTERSTEIGER „Faulty Spot Eye“ defect scanner is a key component of every fully automatic TRC machine. It has been optimized for detecting defects on wood top layers.


Unlike other scanners on the market, „Faulty Spot Eye“ calculates the dimensions based on depth differences using laser triangulation, which in turn is based on algorithms and filters developed by WINTERSTEIGER. This valuable expertise makes the scanner unique since the evaluation is not based on database comparisons with samples. All defects are calculated for each board from scratch, with Faulty Spot Eye working quickly and precisely for the best results. It detects defects from a size of 0.5 mm (knothole diameter, crack width, etc.) and the scanner works at a speed of approximately 72 m/minute. Additionally, the scanner can be used for quality checks – with a final scan performed after the repair process.


Thanks to the unique WINTERSTEIGER software, the repair units move to the identified defects at high speed for maximum efficiency and get to work.

The Faulty Spot Eye (FSE) is adapted to suit any cleaning or repair technology for precise detection of all relevant defects every time.

Our TRC systems:

Customer-specific complete systems.

Customer-specific complete systems.

As well as the standard versions of the TRC systems, we also produce customized solutions. This includes customized automation settings and transportation systems as well as wood dimensions. 

If customer-specific production systems are needed, then the automation expertise of VAP-WINTERSTEIGER is at hand – for integrating TRC systems into existing production systems and processes, for example.