TRC Woodpatch fully automated wood patching system

With integrated patch creation.

The fully automated TRC Woodpatch patching system for multilayer boards (for example, formwork panels), glulam panels, solid wood boards, etc. scans the board and defines the defect. The defect is then drilled out and repaired.


Intelligent automation concept.

The intelligent automation concept of the TRC Woodpatch enables destacking and restacking of boards with just one robot. The raw boards to be processed are fed into the system as a stack. The robot takes the boards off the stack in layers using a vacuum gripper and loads the infeeding conveyor of the scanner. After the repair process, the robot forms a finished stack with the patched boards for further processing.


Scanner determines the repair strategy.

In the scanner, the boards are inspected on both sides during passes at a speed of up to 1200 mm/s. During this process, high-resolution gray-scale, color, and 3D data are obtained. The evaluation software tailored specifically to the system analyses the data and calculates the optimum patch placement and repair strategy. The result determines whether the boards are sent directly to a downstream TRC Woodpatch repair station or rejected.


The modular design means that one scanner can be used for several TRC Woodpatch systems.


Repair process with dedicated wood strips.

In the TRC Woodpatch repair station, the defects located by the scanner are drilled out and repaired by applying patches. The patches are created from a wood strip on the machine itself and pressed in precisely in line with the direction of the wood fibers. Larger defects are repaired individually using several overlapping patches.


Straight after the repair of the first side of the board, it is possible to turn the board and repair the second side in another pass. The board can also be repaired on both sides in just one pass using two TRC Woodpatch systems connected in series.


Application areas: Multilayer boards (for example, formwork panels), glulam panels, solid wood boards, etc.


Wood dimensions:

Length: 1.5 – 3 m (4.92 - 9.84 ft)
Width: 500 - 510 mm (19.68 - 20.07 in.)

Thickness: 10 - 20 mm (0.39 - 0.78 in.)
(additional dimensions on request)

Your benefits summed up:

  • Capacity: 520 boards per layer for a reference length of 2000 mm and approx. 10 patched areas per board
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to scanning process for double-sided evaluation of the board
  • Practical and economical: patch creation integrated in the machine, patches do not need to be purchased separately
  • Perfect results, as patching is automatically performed in the direction of the wood fibers

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